Bangkok Travelogue Jul 2014 : Day 3 & 4

Okay so it's Bangkok Day 3 and 4 in this entry! :D

Day 3 we woke up earlier just to have the famous Soi 19 wanton mee to avoid the lunch crowd.

A few of my friends called me a noob for having it the first time?
Can't blame me la the last time I was here it was two years back ok

So my verdict : SUPER WORTH IT.

I forgot the price but I think it is 50baht per bowl?
Yes the portion is small, so it really says a lot about the price la.

Taste wise, I do like both the soup and dry one.
The dry one has a very satisfying taste.
The soup one has a special taste - for first mouth you won't think it's nice, but after a few more mouthfuls wowwwww... The taste gets more flavorful with each bite.

Not drama, I'm serious.
Don't believe you try.

SabX2 Wanton Mee

4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19
Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
(Opp Platinium Mall, look for the small streets and find Soi (street) 19)

Opening hours?

*There's a Soi 19 Wanton Mee opened at AMK, and it is confirmed that they are not a franchise of the original Soi19 from Bangkok as confirmed by a lady working at the original Soi19 herself + this signboard near our table.


After our yummy brunch, CAMWHORE.

Kidding luh.
We headed for a movie at SF @ Centralworld.

Read on some website on bangkok to-go places and this is one of it, the "ultimate movie experience" as quoted from the site. Then of course must go right?

We bought the VIP seating, and it is really true that the cinema screen is enormous.
Again, not drama, I'm serious. :D

Hehe like a kid right

And the seats we bought are the VIP reclining seats with more leg room.
Not too bad IMO, I think price is around 180 or 200 baht, can't recall.

Really too dark inside for any nice pictures

Quite a good experience overall, except the bigass popcorn we bought is not too yummy and the thailand subtitles were a little too big.

Oh we watched Dawn of the Apes btw.

More shopping around the central area until evening time.
Had streetside Padthai and some oyster thing that hubby ate - bought back to the hotel as we were quite tired hehe

Snacks galore!


Day 4 in Bangkok;

Go bangkok also have flowers hehe ♥ feeling blessed and loved when I saw this is in his hands :')

We were feeling quite hungry after we woke up and went to Siam Paragon for the thick toasts at After You Cafe.

Said to be highly recommended but we didn't manage to try the few days before because the queue was so freaking long?!?

So there we were finally on day 4!

The extensive menus..

Love the caps we bought hehehe




Nutella Thick Toast

Chocolate Banana Thick Toast


Felt gluttony and ordered two different ones to try with that "since-we-are-already-here-so-why-not" mindset and tbh when I was quarter-way through my toast I regretted because I really couldn't finish.
The hubby was happily sipping his hot chocolate away and eating his chocolate banana toast while I just sat there and stared at mine feeling sad that I didn't manage to devour the entire toast of goodness

But aiyah as usual he finished all hehehehehe

So after that we went shopping around Siam Center and then back to the hotel for a shower before we went out to our ultimate favourite night market spot - Train Market (Talad Rod Fai)

For those of you who don't know :

Talad Rod Fai means train market, and is one of the coolest find that I've had in BKK.
When we visited BKK two years ago, this night market was situated at a land which is owned by the State Railway of Thailand, where there used to be a railway station but then turned into an abandoned piece of land for many years before they started this market there.

It has been popular for all the retro/vintage junkies (like me) and has tons of affordable antiques, vintage stuffs and furnitures, decors, and much more! It also has shops that sells fashionable stuffs and food.

The market takes place on land which is owned by the State Railway of Thailand – there used to be a railway station, but it’s just been an abandoned piece of land for many years before they started this market here.

It has now since moved and relocated to another location which is even bigger than it's previous location.

Currently it is situated at Srinakarin (Srinagarindra) Soi 51.
I really very much prefer the old Train Market at it's previous location because it is much less commercialised than this current one and really has that one-and-only-in-the-world feel.

The current one is too huge and has too many pubs and retail stores surrounding it spoiling the entire "railway night market" feel.

Here are some pictures taken by the hubby.
I was so busy shopping that I "neglected" him while he was doing his touristy thang hehehe

Super small and cute!

Yummy Pad Thai hehehe

We shopped till around 11+ 12 and the shops started to close as it was raining.
And can I say this place is just so humongous?!

There is like one section outside, another section in the middle, and deep inside there's one more section!

So we decided to go back again on Day 5 and ditch the idea of shopping at Siam Night Market since the prices of most of the items I saw when I walked past was like 1.5 or 2 times more ex than the stuffs at the Train Market.

I was just so excited throughout the shopping spree while I was there to the extend I overspent and had to withdraw money -.-

For all whom are going overseas, do remember to activate your ATM card for overseas use just in case because you really don't know when you might just need it.
The hubby spent approx 30mins on the phone trying to activate his ATM card for overseas use while in BKK due to the lengthy verification procedure.
So might as well you all just do it now la okay? Hahaha

After train market.... Cab back to hotel and sleep.

Oh yes, don't be fooled by the taxi drivers.
Try to take cabs that aren't parked to wait for passengers as they normally will charge ridiculously high prices and are quite rude if you choose to walk away.
Take cabs that have their hail lights on and moving along the roads - best is to take cabs driven by the older taxi uncles because IMO they are most honest as for the fact their fares go by their taxi meters.

Okay that's all for this entry...
Hope it helps in your BKK trip planning okay! :D

So next up : BANGKOK DAY 5 & 6


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