Cray cray~

Hey hey hey~

How was your week so far!

Everything is quite mundane for me this week, but so far my students have not been giving me much problems :D
Heh heh


Oh yes, update on my braces, I tightened it on Monday, and my mouth is kinda sore now.
I am eating as usual surprisingly hehe

That being said, I need some self-discipline!
I have been eating non-stop since I'm back from bangkok and even when my period ended :D

Hehehe need to put a stop to that glutton in meeeeeeee


So some updates over the weekend.

Saturday :


We went over for consultation on the hub's tattoo.

So cute right this cat.
His name is SUMO!
He looks like he has got a double chin hehe

After that Mz suggested we have some Choo Choo chicken thingy.
And that is literally the shop's name.

The interior of the shop is really small, like not much room for movement, so when you are seated down that's pretty much it.
Just enjoy your food and get outta there.

We ordered quite a lot, like 4 baskets of 4 different flavours, some fried mushroom thingy and the korean ricecake.
(What to do, we have 4 men in this group)

So the food is heree......

Garlic Flavor
Not too bad imo

Spicy Flavor
I didn't like it cos the spiciness totally covered the taste of the chicken

Crispy Flavor
Not too bad too!

Soy Flavor
Quite yummy too

Mushroom fritters
Quite plain tasting

Korean Ricecakes
I didn't like this dish.

Choo Choo Chicken
33 Bali Lane (Bugis)
Daily - PH: 11:30 - 23:00
Rating : 3.5 stars out of 5
Pricing : Average $17 per pax


After that?
Went clubbing at FClub.
Quite funny because it was kinda like a last minute decision and all because we played a game of scissors-paper-stone lol

Anyways it was quite fun la, but damn tired?
Hahaha really old liao.
I realised after one night of havoc I actually needed two freaking nights of sleep to compensate the lack of sleep.

=.= 老了


Blogshop coming up!
Really happy because it will be my own label and designs even though my first collection is imported because my designs are still pending and in-the-making hehehe

And here I present to you.........

Hehehe so proud of it because I spent so much time on it!
(Let me haolian a bit la hor :P)


All designs are exclusive and distinctive, and mostly all just one piece only.
And what's more, I have incorporated some donations to be made as you shop, details will be provided when it is officially opened.


Soft launch will be on instagram and facebook on 8th August 2014(hopefully!)


Random shot of my another lover



Super excited about my London trip, because I have decided to stay for 5 more days before I fly back to SG.
And for these 5 days I will be travelling alone, which is what I really want to do for a long time
(I have done it before but now it's London we are talking about!)

So please, let me know if there are any places that you feel is worthy for me to check out, share with me on my please!
I will be sooooooooooo thankful <3 r="">


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