Review : Happenstance cafe (Dog-friendly cafe)


As mentioned on my instagram, there's this "new" dog-friendly cafe that I would like to introduce to you guys.
The thing is, this dog cafe has actually been around for 3 months already (how come I didnt know!!!), but I guess not many knows about this cafe yet as much as the more common ones (iii cafe, paw pet-radise, etc) as this cafe is really at a location where you have to find/hear about it before you know it even exists.

Lol yeah.

Situated at Opal Crescent, this dog-friendly cafe, HAPPENSTANCE CAFE has a very homely ambience to it.

And most importantly (to me at least), it is clean. I don't want to risk Cookie getting fleas/ticks/stepping on dirty floors etc, and I also definitely want to dine in a clean environment while he is having his fun.

Oh and the food is good!
When I mean good, I mean in fact it is by far the best out of all the doggy cafes I have been to because the owner knows that as important as it is to cater to customers wanting their pooches to enjoy while they dine, it is also much much important that the food is solid and good.

So... they hired chefs! :D

Prices of food are slightly on the high side, but for the ambience, the friendly service, the good food and for the fun of your pooches, I guess it's all worth it.

My favourite dish ?
Gotta be the Beef Cheese Fries.

A little salty, but the mix of cheese and beef with fries is oh-so-yummy and I can literally just finish one entire bowl myself.
Not kidding.

I didn't like the cottage pie, no idea why, maybe I don't like the idea of mashed potatoes with idk what cheese on top? Tasted a little weird to me and I didn't finish my dish.

Hubby ordered Broiled 1/2 Chicken, we both agreed you should have it with the sauce by the side as we didn't really like how it goes with the chicken. Would be better if it were gravy!

Not forgetting Cookie's dish hehehe

Look at how hungry and excited he was!

You can order food like this for your pooches, with this menu - so you pick the ingredients yourself in case if your fur-kid has any allergies!

This little furry ball here is Milky!

Can you spot him??

He caught my eye when I first stepped in, looking really funny with his tongue sticking out.

Cute right?

He is the resident dog of Happenstance Cafe.
Quite shy I noticed but very sweet as he wags his tail almost everytime he sees his owner. :D

Oh by the way, I went to Happenstance Cafe twice in a week.
Yeah I know, buay sian uh.
Hahaha yup not sian at all, since I brought my parents there for a look on Sunday, and my Mum was pretty impressed.

This time round we ordered Fish & Chips for Mummy, the same Broiled 1/2 Chicken (without the sauce this time hehe) for Daddy, a Pasta (mushroom + bacon - you can select your own ingredients to be cooked with the pasta) for Hub and I had a slice of Apple Crumble (still feeling full from heavy lunch oops).

Fish and Chips was quite nice as fish was really fresh, would prefer it to be less battered with flour though.

Chicken tasted much better this time without the sauce and CAN I SAY THE PASTA WAS JUST FAB?

Hubby ordered Aglio Olio pasta + Mushroom + Bacon.
I've never ever tasted such nice Aglio Olio before (Pastamania cannot fight really).

Oh I don't know about other bases for the pasta, but I'm loving the aglio olio base one!

And not forgetting Cookie's dish!

Overall Cookie had fun, we had a great dinner and I've made a new friend with a lady seated at the table next to ours and the owners are nice enough to let Cookie follow them around when they served food =.=
(Yeah that's why Cookie is so fat he loves food too too much).


Tip : PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR OWN DOG - This cafe doesn't do it for you, but fair enough, for the fact that we should all be responsible for our own dogs.

  • 35 Opal Crescent
  • Singapore 328425
  • 6341 7871

  • Opening hours?
  • Mon - Tue 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Thu - Fri 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Sat - Sun 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Slightly pricey but worth it



I was speaking to the lady I met at this cafe and the dog she brought was a Schnauzer.
It is a female and about 5 yrs old.
Upon further chatting, she told me this is not her dog, she is just helping to take care of this dog for now while she's trying to re-home it.
Story behind this pretty Schnauzer is that she is actually a female dog used by her previous owner to breed over and over again and I guess because of her illness/skin condition the dog was disowned by it's original owner.
The previous owner of this dog will become a dog in his/her next life and be treated this way. #karma

Hope this doggy finds a real loving home soon.
Should anyone be keen, please email me at for details.

And anyone reading this whom might want to get a dog in future, please stop buying them from breeders as breeding dogs live in terrible conditions and are treated super badly.
By buying you are actually encouraging this happening.
Look out for people whom have dogs they need to re-home or their family dog has just given birth and babies are up for adoption.
This way you can save some money and lives at the same time.

I didn't know a lot until I had Cookie.
He was bought from Pasir Ris Farmway - ironic is that I regretted purchasing and encouraging this to happen but at the same time I will never regret picking or getting Cookie because he means so much to me now.

So for those who haven't get your dogs but will do so in future, please find out more in adoption rather than purchasing of your soon-to-be furry friends okay.
And older dogs doesn't mean that they are not good/not cute.
They are actually very lovable and needs attention and care too.

That's all folks!
Till next time~~~~~~

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