Review : Nom nom nom nom~~~ NOM - Bistro & Bakery

Hello all!

How's your week so far! :D

Mine passed effortlessly quick, maybe because I had a date with this crazy girlf of mine on Tuesday - pretty close to midweek! (:

Headed to....... NOM - Bistro & Bakery!!!

I know I'm kinda slow, but finally I got to try their much raved about rainbow cake!

NOM Cafe is situated at Macpherson Community Club, and we went today approximately around lunch time.

The place looks clean, a little quirky with the mini-dragon-playgroun lookalike (for kids) and the seats are nicely spaced apart, which is what I really like about because it's not so cramped and you have slightly more privacy especially when engaging in conversations.

The menu -

What we had :

The NOM burger $14.90 - C and I both didn't like this dish, for the beef patty was super duper dry and not juicy at all. Totally not worth the price. The only good thing was the truffle fries which we topped up $2 to upgrade from normal fries. Nothing special and not worth this price.

The Breakfast Rosti $14.90 - I was quite disappointed to see this and Rosti with Chicken Sausage the only two dishes available on the "ALL-DAY BREAKFAST" Menu for weekdays, which I thought they might offer one or two more choices instead. The Rosti was said to be a "must-try" by C's friend but I thought it was tad too oily and the sides of fried egg (would be better if they offered choices of eggs) and chicken sausage (replaced by bacon as they ran out of ham and sausages today) and a side salad. Again, slightly overpriced to me.

The Rainbow Cake (Oreo frosting) $7.90 - I actually wanted to try the Chocolate Frosting but C wanted the Oreo one and I gave in. I like the cake as it was light and spongey, but the frosting was too sweet for my liking. I would love to try their Chocolate frosting one and hope that it will not be as sweet as the Oreo one!

NOM - Bistro & Bakery
  • Level 1, Macpherson Community Club, 400 Paya Lebar Way

  • Opening hours?
  • Daily 11am - 11pm

Pricey for the quality




Guess where did we head to next?


No luh because this surrounding place really looks quite different and can I say fab to us? (LOL)
So we just decided to take a few shots while we were looking for our way back heh..

Don't you agree this place is nice??
Never knew there were places like these in Singapore.
Can't wait to be back there for some real business soon ^^


Anyway I am trying to label most of my entries this/last year so it might be easier for you all to read all the relevant entries under these relevant labels.
Give me some time to do so okay!
Hope this can contribute to your reading pleasures! :D


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