Review : Holla!!! All to fall in at....... The Assembly Ground

Howdy everybodey!

Was out with C on a date again (yup we are constantly bored individuals that are on cafe-hunts for sweet cakes and girlie talks) last Saturday. (Okay I'm kidding about the bored individuals part lol)

So we decided to check out...................


Located at The Cathay (Dhoby Ghaut), this cafe is not the hidden find kind, rather quite well known about town-goers as we can see as there was a long waiting list despite us being there at 5+.

What do I mean?
Why is there a waiting list at that timing?

Okay the thing about this cafe is that they are NOT SERVING MAINS during 4pm-6pm, I assume it is their rest hour before the peak dinner timing starting from 6pm.

We reached there at approximately 5.30 and they didn't give us a seat but rather put us on their waiting list.
Thankfully it was quite fast as we went to the toilet for around 5-10mins and they called us.

So if you all want to head down for dinner especially during weekends, please give them a call first to confirm there is no/a short waiting list.

(I forgot to take pictures of the cakes and menu.... forgive me T.T)

When we first stepped in, it reminded me a little about The Wheeler's Yard.
There were bicycles as decorations.
And a huge wall sticker of a motorcycle.

We had :

Peanut Butter Banana loaf cake ($4.50)

We both liked the cake, though it was a little tad too sweet.
The texture is moist and peanut butter was gooey so it was really perfect.
I like the fact there are chocolate chips and peanut bits toppings on the top.

Truffle Fries ($10.90)

The dish C was so excited about.
Quite average tasting to me, price could be cheaper for the serving size.

Moroccan Baked Eggs ($15.50)

I read an online review saying this is a must-eat dish when you are there.
I can only agree if you like the strong taste of herbs and spices.
We both thought this dish reminded us a little on indian cuisine.
But then again, it was worth the try as I have not seen this dish anywhere else yet.

Coffee and Tea ($5 & $5.50)

I must say I never had $5.50 tea served in a cup before.
Certainly not impressed on this, I would prefer if they served it in a small pot.

Price is slightly on the high side probably because of the location.
I would go again to try their pasta and pizza.
Would be happy to see pancakes on their menu :D

For the fact that this is a rather busy cafe, I don't think it is ideal for a cosy experience or romantic dates.
Tables are all placed too near to one another and you can hear conversations from tables around you too easily.
Great for group dinner dates imo.

The Assembly Ground
  • 2 Handy Road #01-21 S229233 (The Cathay)

  • Opening hours?
  • Daily 10am - 10pm

Pricey but would go again



With my pretty date of the day :D ♥


I know I have been posting tons on reviews on food (gluttony me) recently, but I promise the next entry will be on makeup products I recently found that I really love!!!!!

Wait for it ;)

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