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Helllloooooo world Last week had been super eventful for me! Wednesday, C and I were at J's graduation at UniSIM! So proud of this girl hehe

We met on the very first day of school in RP, and I'm there with her on the last day of UniSIM! Meaningful much! 开心毕业咯!hehehe - After the ceremony, Jov stayed on with her parents while C and I went over next door to Ngee Ann Poly and visited Cupplets

A very cute cafe with interesting design and cosy interior with so many vintage looking stuffs!

And the plus-point, the tarts for sale there are yummy, coffee fragrant and the owners are really nice! Oh and and and the price is super affordable IMO! C had a Cookie peanut cream tart (I think that's the name) and flavored latte drink and I had the All-chocolate tart and a hot latte.

C's flavored latte drink

 Cookie-peanut cream tart

My all-chocolate tart!

There wasn't many people at the point when we were there, so it was rather comfortable and we sat there for around 45mins chatting over our drinks. I will definitely be back there again, and this time round I will try their raspberry tart!

Super affordable!


--- Met up w K on Friday and we had Everything With Fries.

I am not a fan of fries really, and I don't think this name is apt enough - kinda made me expect a lot from their fries. 

Verdict : Disappointing 

I won't ever go back again sadly.
(We had it at the Bugis Junction Branch)
Ended our fridate with coffee but stupid phone died on me before we could get any pictures :( --- Saturday - Princess Eileen's birthday It was so fun working with the rest of the peeps cos they are so fun to work with and it's always great to meet new friends I must say I'm really proud of us because.......

We did all these!!

So pretty right! We are not professionals but we are able to decorate this party like.... A WEDDING hehehe

I'm mentioning about the decor not the desserts!
The tarts, do they look familiar?
Yup C ordered from Cupplets!

Everything on the dessert table was from Cupplets except the eclairs!
My favourite had to be this!

The guestbook area! We spent 30-45minutes on this!
Worth the effort! :D Happy birthday Eileen!

Thanks for being a sister to my ever-demanding bestfriend and I'm so glad to be part of this big day! :D

Hehe so fun :p

--- Currently I'm very busy with preparing my piano students for our year-end concert and also getting ready to launch AggyL's next collection! Received many feedbacks/comments/questions on my recently, thank you all for your support and feedbacks, I will try my best to reply all your questions, but no matter what please be discreet and nice and do not quarrel on my scolding one another ok. 
That's the last thing I want, everyone should stay and be happy!


Oh guess what!
Today Cookie did something amazing hehehe

Will share tomorrow hehehe!
Yay that's all for today. Do follow me on twitter/instagram @aggylow for more updates on-the-go! Bye bye~

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