It's like midnight now and all I've ever ate today was 3 packets of biscuits and a small handful of fruit loops :(


Anyway, I did my everyday makeup tutorial video, and once everything is okay, I will post it up tomorrow so stay tuneddddddddddddd.

Over the weekends I :

1) Launched a new collection over at http://aggyl.com
- Delighted to announce that anyone who joins Aggyl's mailing list will stand a chance to win a 20% off voucher from us!
- Donated to ACRES for the month of August! Details here

2) Went to Happenstance Cafe because I felt sorry for leaving Cookie at home most of the time last week.
That boy was so happy, but after awhile he was quite sad because there was this maltipoo (maltese+poodle) that kept following Cookie around and humping him. -.-

Truffle fries this time round!

Happenstance Burger!

Love these two sweet pies of mine♥

3) Had some family time with my mum and brother.
We went to newly opened The Hangout Cafe.

Too bad for us, we visited them at the time where kitchen is not open for main courses/brunch.
Sad right :(

A rather small cafe.

Foodwise is so-so, we like the chicken wings/drumlets though.

I really like the tarts too.
Forgotten the price but for a neighbourhood cafe, the price is quite pricey imo (a glance through the menu).

The Hangout (Used to be Burpz Cafe and Bakery)
Blk 603, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2661, Singapore 560603

Rating :
3 out of 5 stars

4) Teachers' Day last Friday, but I'm still receiving gifts till today :P

Two of the gifts received from the kids on Thursday.
So funny because I received 3 sets of cupcakes from 3 different students.
(Two sets in the picture because I ate one set whilst in between lessons)
The 'in' thing to gift to teachers?
Hehe :D

Really like the cupcakes nevertheless :D

5) Watched 'Step up : All In' on Saturday.

Really is all in lor.
Not nice because I thought it was too exaggerative.

Dk why but this movie reminds me of High School Musical LOL.
Okay la at least the male lead quite hot?

6) Bought Diane Shampoo and my all time fav Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara.

I promise a review on them soon!


Ate some fat food and I'm going to sleep now!
Super tired~~~

(This is Cookie, super tired but refused to lie down to sleep and ended up sleeping while sitting up.


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