Online Shopping : ft AggyL. + The Haute Theory

Hi all,

sorry for the major lack of updates :p

I am thinking of doing something fun by tomorrow (keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough time!), so for now I shall just post some of my top picks from the recently launched collections of AggyL. and The Haute Theory!

I have launched a new collection on AggyL. , and best part is, MOST ITEMS ARE NOT MORE THAN $10 (incl shipping)!!

My top picks for this collection are :

Fresh & Hot, just launched - Collection : Muse on AggyL.

Shop now at :


Next up : The Haute Theory

When I was doing the photoshoot for this collection, I was really excited because the items for sale are so so pretty and of such good quality.

I know these good deals are not to be missed and I'm elated to share with all of you hehehe

These are my favourites!

Some of the items are already into Backorder Status, so go on and take your pick before the BO closes!

Happy shopping @



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