London Trip Day 1,2,3 ✈


Flight - British Airways 24/11/2014 11pm SGT

My parents and the hub came to send me off to my 2 weeks adventure.... :p

On my plane there hehe :D
I was lucky enough to have a window seat at a corner with another empty seat beside me so it was rather spacious.

Ta-da! Reached London safe and sound.

Time check : 5.30am London Time
Date : 25th November 2014
(London time is 8 hours behind Singapore time)

My flight landed at T5 of Heathrow Airport, which after that we bought our Oyster cards and made our way to the hotel to leave our luggages and start our adventure.
Actually even when most of the time I'm alone, I actually went with a group of friends whom are from the music industry for a music exchange at the RCM (Royal College of Music) in London.

Other than the days with them at the music program, I was travelling and walking around alone most of the time :D

Reached Montana Hotel approximately at 7am and washed up and changed out to a set of new clothing after a grueling 13 hour flight =.=

Shoes : @shopaggyl
Jeans : TEMT
Coat & Beanie : Online Buy

Hehehe everything seems so exciting even the fallen leaves on the ground~~~

Irritating hub doing this after I sent him a pic of me holding the leaf -.-

London you so beautiful~~
Even your empty streets :P

Headed to and checked out Portobello Market approximately at 9.30am
(Too early heh heh, they open only at 10am)

The streets looking quite empty as it was still rather early.
To be honest I feel that the way of life there is really quite slow as compared to SG.
The setting up of stalls seemed so slow and honestly there wasn't much to see - I guess I really went tad too early :(

The only shop that really caught my eye was not one of the street stalls, rather it was the.......

The 1 pound shop hehehehe
It's like Daiso!
Everything SGD 2.10 (approx).
I went crazy and spent 20pounds there :P

They sell everything from food, drinks, baking equipment, scarves, gloves, books, etc etc!
Must go for anyone who likes budget shopping :D

211-213 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, 
Greater London W11 1LX, United Kingdom 
+44 20 3583 6721

So amazed by the flowers there, but then as the days went by these became a very normal sight for me.
If I were staying in London, I would buy one bouquet of flowers home every single day hehehe

Super delighted to see the London Bus hahahah.
Like some 菜头 hor hehehe

Portobello Market
Portobello Road London 
Greater London W10 5TA 
Phone: 020 7727 7684
Website :

After Portobello Market, I checked in the hotel and showered, rested for a bit and changed to go out again.
(Hehe why one day need so many outfits?!? 
Must make full use of my chance there and take many #ootd(s) maaaaa)

Time check : Approximately 4pm
Sun was starting to set :(

Shoes : @shopaggyl
Stockings : H&MBlack Skort : Bangkok
Top : Taiwan
Bag, Coat & Beanie : Online Buy

Met up with a friend from SG whom went to London to study and he introduced me to his friends.
This was when I met this sweet babe, Cara :D

With pretty Cara!

We had dinner at Byron - Proper Burgers @ Oxford Circus.
It was okay, I had some mushroom burger that was 6.50 pound.

After that we took a walk around and went to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and places all around the area.
(Note : Oxford St/Regent St/Bond St/Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus/Covent Garden are like 5 times the size of Orchard Road. Any places that I have mentioned above are all accessible by walking - there is no need to take a tube because there's quite alot to see and shop along the way as you make your way from one place to the next, i.e. from Oxford St to Regent St there are shops to go to along the way. And when I mean shops they are H&M, TOPSHOP, GAP, BOOTS, URBAN OUTFITTER, etc. Happy walking :P)

Saw this cute DJ Grandpa at Trafalgar Square.
His music was quite good I must say hahaha

A very peculiar building...hmmm...

London Eye :D

We went to a Christmas Market near to the London Eye.
It was an eye opener - you can never ever find this in SG.
They were selling hot foods and pretty xmas decos/gifts.

Walked around and decided to try this in the end.
Some mini pancake with chocolate sauce and strawberries :D

Looking like a noob trying to take a shot of the pretty Big Ben :D

I am so so so amazed by the Big Ben, even up till now.
It's looks so stunning especially at night.

Oh almost forgot!
We also went to this hugeeeeeee MnMs shop at Piccadilly Circus.
Heard of it in SG too!

Hehe wanted to take a pic with it but v shy cos too many people around :P

Worth a visit :D

MnM's World
Swiss Court, 1 Leicester Square, 
London W1D 6AP, 
United Kingdom 
+44 20 7025 7171

Super long day for me especially with my jet-lagged body -.-
So back to the hotel after that for a well-deserved rest :D



Time check : 6.15am London Time
Date : 26/11/2014

Hehe woke up really early excited to start the day.

My #lotd!
I really love it that I get to dress like a dumpling :P, as we really don't get winter in SG so will never have a chance to wear like this :(

Shoes : @shopaggyl
Coat : H&M
Top : Bangkok
Pants :  TEMT
Hat and Bag : Online Buy

And.........silly me spilled coffee on my white pants so I had to go back to change my jeans.
Thankfully I was near the hotel ^-^

Headed to Tottenham Court Road after to shop at PRIMARK.
It was the best thing ever.

Everything is super cheap and good and nice and pretty and awesomeeeee~

The Christmas feel was really everywhere when I was there, even when it was a month to Christmas!

Weeeeeee shopppinggggg!
Tbh PRIMARK is a must-go for all ladies especially.
They sell so many things - female/male/children apparels, small household items, accessories/bags, candies, shoes etc.

Oxford Street (West) 499 - 517 
Oxford Street London, W1K 7DA

After unloading my loots from Primark at my hotel (hehehe), I headed to V&A Museum.

One of the more outstanding museum in London, it was founded and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1852 and it is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design and houses a wide permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects.

Left the museum feeling satisfied from all the eye-feasting :D

Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL, 
United Kingdom

Decided to head back to Oxford St area to check out the Christmas lights at night.
On the way, I saw the National History Museum that unfortunately I did not have time to visit.

So super picture-perfect!

There was this outdoor ice-skating rink.
Too bad I didn't try it - it was too cold! :(

Pretty carousel!
I took one in the end at Paris just right under the Eiffel Tower, so not so bad uh :P

Took a tube to Oxford Circus...

Just look at the crowd!

Haha funny looking guy with a funny looking sign


Headed to the highly talked about Hamleys' Toy London.
Nothing really excites me because maybe I'm not a kid heh...

Was feeling so super tired and hungry after that and I had......

Wok to Walk!
Reminds me so much of Chinese takeaway we always saw on tv. :P
So I bought it.
Not cheap, if I'm not wrong it's about 7-8 pounds :(

Serving was huge ass and I couldnt finish it.
Quite yummy as it was freezing cold so it was nice to have something hot in your hands :D


Wok to Walk
15, Argyll Street, Soho, 
London W1F 7TP

Back to the hotel after and skyped with the hub and the boy (:


Tip :

Just as I was saying...

For London, going everywhere is convenient with a use of the tube.
The "Orchard Road" in London will be the tube stations circled in black.
All these stations within the circle are of walkable distances if you are not fussy :P and there are simple shops everywhere.

For hard-core shopaholics I would recc you to dedicate one day to this area and then decide which area you like best should you want to go back again. :D

Hope this helps~~~~


Date : 27/11/2014

Music Exchange at the RCM in London.

All my friends know I have been learning piano since I was super young, about 4.
I have gone through and finished all my piano exams, and I was under the ABRSM syllabus by RCM.
So being here physically and seeing the actual music college means so much to me. (:

And it's super beautiful!

Not to mention the really quaint looking classroom hallway.
It's really exactly the way I visualized it would be. (:


Pretty looking harp! :D

Lunch-time, time to take a #selfie :P

Hehe mirror shot in the practice room :P

I spent the entire day at the music course that I missed the sun :(
So once the lessons were over I went around walking with the skies starting to turn dark :(

But first...
lemme share my ootd :p

Scarf and Shoes : qoo10
Woolen Coat : @thehautetheory
Top : HnM
Pants :  Primark
Beanie : Bangkok
Gloves : Daiso

Walked around Kensington area..

Saw this shop with these cool looking cars :O

Not forgetting the captivating Royal Albert Hall ♥

Looking even better at night.....

Was so tired I decided to head back early to the hotel.
But before that I went to PRET to have a cup of hot Minestrone soup :D

Went book-shopping at around my hotel area..

So nice right :D

And then SKYPE with the mini-family ♥

I was eating berries and he was rubbing his nose.
And I think that's Cookie's ears?

Hehehe that's all for Day 1-3 :D


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