Summary of year 2014 for me☺


Sorry all, let me blog this on the last day of year 2014 before I continue with my London/Paris blog entries okay :P
Cannot afford to miss the auspicious day heh heh heh~~

2014 was really quite a good year for me overall.
In terms of work, in terms of achievements, in terms of all the ships (hehehe my relationship/friendship/kinship la)

So here goes, on all the amazing and eventful things that happened each respective month of the year :

January 2014 - Traveled to Bangkok alone for the first time, and this really sparked my interest to travel solo :D

Our wedding photos also arrived this month.
Photography My Dream Wedding SG - FULL ALBUM HERE

February 2014 - Got my very first Kawai Upright Grand Piano from my parents as a wedding gift (:

Was also a month that the hub and I were freaking busy with wedding preps.
If you are interested, please look for the relevant posts under the wedding labels on my blog :D


March 2014 - Went through the official Chinese Wedding with the husband ♥

So thankful for these bunch of crazy/helpful/wonderful peeps around us that showered us with so much care/love/help throughout this entire wedding.

Friends for life for sure :D


May 2014 - Officially started modelling for online fashion boutique, The Haute Theory

Stepped out of my comfort zone so so much and I'm glad that I was given the opportunity (:


July 2014 - Got my braces on (which I will never regret!) and headed to Bangkok with the husband for our 1st official year together as lawfully wedded man and wife (:

Really enjoyed the Bangkok trip.
A trip that really changed my perspective of things (in a personal way).
Will never forget this very month in my life (:


August 2014 - Started my youtube channel :D

I am thankful for the feedbacks and comments I've received from you all.
I will try my best to make better videos! (:


November 2014 - My Students' Recital Concert + Solo trip to London/Paris ✈

Best last two months of my year 2014 imo.
I finally plucked up the courage to travel solo to Europe :D
Hehe looking to travel again in Mar-Apr 2015 ;P

Student Concert :

London :

Paris :


December 2014 - Had a great staycation with the husband +  A super heart-warming Christmas night spent with my family feasting over yummy food (:

Yay I had a super great 2014 overall :D

How about your year 2014?
Was it eventful and awesome? :D



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