London Trip Day 4, 5, 6 ✈


Hyde Park - RCM - Rachmaninoff by the London Philharmonic Orchestra @ Southbank Centre

28th November 2014

Time check : 0600am

I know I smile weird.
That's just cos I'm sleepy. ( excuses :p )

Should anyone of you might be curious, this is how their tube looks like.
This I guess is one of their newer tubes/trains.

One of how their tube stations look like.

So I woke up in the morning just to..........

Visit Hyde Park :D

That is Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park which I didnt get to visit.

And I went so early in the morning to Hyde Park because.....

I wanted to feed some fat little squirrels :P

So fat and naughty hehehe
The squirrels there are so different from Singapore's!
Unafraid of human-beings, super cute and fluffy!

Uploaded this on my instagram when I was there :D
The squirrels are quite friendly, just remember to wear gloves when you feed them by hand - they are still wild animals afterall.
You can feed them hazelnuts; I bought a packet that cost about 3pounds from Tesco, good enough to let me feed about 100 squirrels :P

After that, back to RCM for another day of music exchange and masterclass :D

Testing testing~~~

Went out for lunch after that..

I thought it really looked like a super good day.
Just look at the clouds :D

People ice-skating near at the National History Museum (:

and also not forgetting to share my #OOTD of the day :D


Shoes : Online
Skirt-leggings : Qoo10
Neck-warmer and Top : Taiwan
Beanie  : Bangkok
Coat : HnM

Then back to RCM again for part II of the day!

Time Check : 3pm

End of the day :D
We got to explore and tour a little around RCM too!

The super grand and beautiful concert hall!

The auditorium.

Let's take a walk through their quaint little hallways :P

Students on their French Horns :D

Super interesting demo!

Their 100% scream/shout/sound-proof room as proven by the kids :P

We also got to see exhibitions of instruments including the olden keyboard instruments!

Edward Elgar's (Music Composer) Trombone!
Super cool to see this - Elgar used to play this when he was a young boy and he actually donated this to the Y.M.C.A Music Section

So amazed by the evolution of the keyboard instrument.
To think that last time composers actually used to compose music on notes that are not so far apart due to the limitations of the keyboard instruments - they would/could have more melodious musical ideas that we do not even know exist!

So cool that they have rooms/sections for different instrument majors (Y)

Their quiet reading room :D

Original score of Symphonic Fantasia written in 1912 by C. Hubert H Parry, 6 years before his death.


It was a really fruitful day imo!
I really envy the students there.
They get to solely concentrate on what they love and learn music at such a lovely place with some competitiveness that I feel is a kind of good motivation overall.
If only we have something like that in Singapore...

After the lessons/programs, it was time to head back to change for a concert we were to watch at night!

Time check : 5pm

While walking back to the hotel, we saw these!

Super pretty :D
Back to the hotel to change and wash-up before heading back out for the concert again :D

We watched Ramaninoff - Inside Out @ Southbank Centre!

While walking to Southbank Centre with Yuwen (:

And here we go~~~~

It was really good, especially the pianist.
Can't believe he is only a year my senior and he played so so so well!

More scenery shots from the Southbank Centre!

I was super super tired by the time the concert ended and headed back to the hotel to rest after that.

End of Day 4 :D


Hyde Park - St Paul's Cathedral - Old Spitalfield's Market - Chinatown

29th November 2014

Day 5 today, woke up early again today to visit Hyde Park once more :P
Just can't get enough of the squirrels there hehe

Time check : 0630am

Spoke to the hub on skype for a bit before heading out to start my day.

On a side-note, I don't understand why Cookie can watch tv and get excited when we watch National Geographic Channel but he just can't see me on Skype :((

Had breakfast at PAUL.

PAUL is like a coffee-shop in London.
Wouldn't really call it a cafe because it's cheaper than a cafe and it's more for
anyone who would love to have a quick bite or coffee.

Finished up and off I go~~~~

There was not really many people surprisingly, but I think it might be because everyone's still sleeping in after a long week of work :P

Hyde Park - time check : 8.30am

Fed squirrels again ✓ (No pics as I was too excited feeding them I forgot to take..... -.- )
Sat under the tree for a while like I've always visioned myself to 
Random jump shot 
People/animal watched :p 

Arc De Triomphe look-a-like?!?

I think these people are known as the Park Rangers or something.
They travel about the park by horses and not buggies.
Cool max!

A few snaps of my failed jump-shots.....

(Hahaha some of you actually asked me how I took my ootds/shots, I did it using the self-timer on my camera! :D And yes I have MANY failed shots so the ones I posted on my IG/blog are those that are more decent-looking.... xD)


#FAIL 2 (Look like photoshopped in and face too big lol)

#FAIL 3 (Can't see my eyes -.- )

#FAIL 4 - Land-shot instead -.-

#FAIL 5 - Face covered T.T

Yay I like this the best (even though the face looks fat but nvm la).
I jumped high enough and have a twist sign up too :D

Really happy and contented I spent my morning there. ☀ ☁ :D

Time check : 10am

I left Hyde Park and headed to visit St Paul's Cathedral.

Taken from wikipedia :

"St Paul's Cathedral, London, is an Anglican cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of London and the mother church of the Diocese of London. It sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London. Its dedication to Paul the Apostle dates back to the original church on this site, founded in AD 604.[1] The present church, dating from the late 17th century, was designed in the English Baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren. Its construction, completed within Wren's lifetime, was part of a major rebuilding programme which took place in the city after the Great Fire of London."

Look at the clouds really.
They totally compliment the look of the cathedral right?!?

Though I didn't go in, but I must say the exterior itself looks really magnificent.
Would be perfect for anyone who wants a church wedding :D

After that, I went on to visit the Old Spitalfields Market!


He's real okay!
Quite funny seeing him taking hats off people and scaring everyone with his eyes xD


I didn't really enjoy my time there as much as I did for Borough Market (look out for Day 11 London post coming up).

Reason being :
- Too crowded due to the fact that on that day when I was there they are having this beer fest or something.
- Items they sell are really expensive.
- There's nothing much to see.

I have had high expectations on Spitalfields before visiting so it was rather disappointing.
But it's okay, at least I've been there :D

I walked about Spitalfields about an hour before heading back to the hotel for a quick shower.
Yes the weather was pretty dry and cold but I really enjoy hot showers so that explains why I keep taking showers :P

After shower......

Hehe mirror OOTD :D


Shoes : Online
Coat & Pants & Pullover : Primark

I really really love Primark.
It's like everything I buy I really love them all and will keep going back to wear them.
You know sometimes you buy clothes just cos you really like it at that moment but just won't wear it because you somehow just never do? (This always happens to me :( )

Hehe yay so I'm officially a big Primark fan :P

Before having dinner, I went to the post office opposite of my hotel to take a check off my to-do list while in London.

That is to.....


I was pretty excited at the thought of it, and as I put the cards into the mailbox, I was literally grinning., heh heh


Time check : 8pm

Headed to Leicester Square to meet my friends for dinner at Chinatown.

So cool I like the name of the tattoo parlor! :D

I was early, so I kinda "explored" the Xmas Funfair/Market there (if that's what you call it).

Super pretty imo! :D
In fact I am super amazed by all their Christmas lights/deco (yes I still am!) :D

Chinatown for dinner at this 1-star Michelin restaurant that I think the name's Four Seasons.

The exterior looks like this..

(Credits to google/image owner)

And we ordered this dish (if I remember correctly..)

(Credits to google/image owner)

The way they serve it I must say is rather interesting.
The ones we have in Singapore is made out of egg skin (the crepe thing to wrap the duck) but this one taste/looks like popiah skin?!? :O

Overall the meal was.... fine.
I wouldn't say it's super yummy, maybe I'm not a big fan of roasted meats, but I must say it was a satisfying meal la.

Was hoping for more of the "Chinatown-feel" when I'm there, but sadly I only see one huge lantern as decoration....

Oh well, at least #beentheredonethat :D

Four Seasons
12 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PR, United Kingdom

Back to the hotel for a rest for the next day (a longgggggg one)!


Royal Albert Hall - RCM

30th November 2014

Time check : 0700am

Before I head to RCM for the day's activities, I popped by the Royal Albert Hall to take a look.

And on the way....

oops :P


Shoes : Online
Coat : HnM (London)
Neck-warmer and Skirt-leggings : Qoo10
Pullover : Primark
Beanie : Bangkok

And also I conveniently took some selfies :D

And then.... Lo and behold, the beautiful Royal Albert Hall :D

Too bad I can't enter unless I make a booking for the tour. :(

Also managed to take some shots of the entrance-lobby of RCM!

Had a multi-piano workshop this day.
Was quite fun because it's the first time I actually get together with so many people (young and adults) to put up a performance together that consist of 8 hands (4 pax) playing together on the piano!

We were to each learn how to play our own parts (some impromptu too!) and then get together and play our parts at the same time to make the entire melody. :D

The theme of the day for the pieces we played was : Carnival of the Animals (Saint Saens)

The performance starts and we have two narrators to tell the story while the rest of us play on the pianos.
(And they are Steinway Grands homggggg :O )

They look so cute right!
Esp the boy with the tie xD

Spot me in the following photos! :D

The 'SG' group :D

Headed to PAUL afterwards to have some desserts before we end the day :D
I prefer the tart over the lemon cake as it has a sweet-sour taste which I really like!

Back to the hotel and....

Skyped with the mini-fam :D
Cookie was trying to look for me - he heard my voice but silly dog cannot see the screen for some reason :(

Sorry if my face looks spastic - I was trying to get his attention =.=


Sian I really have a million things to do which I really think I either have too little time or I'm having waaaaay too much fun/sleep.

Toodles, till the next entry - leaving beautiful London for Paris!

UP NEXT >>>>>>>>> PARIS DAY 1-3

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