RWS Staycation - Trick Eye Museum - USS

Hello all~~~

Sorry this post took so freaking long!
The staycation was dated back to 17th Dec 2014 (if I'm not wrong).

The place of staycation?
The Hard Rock Hotel at RWS.

The hub managed to get a room from the AF at a cheaper rate so we stayed there for two nights.

On our way there....


Checked in!
They gave us a handicap-friendly room - no offence, because we wanted a king-sized bed but all the other non-smoking rooms w king-sized beds were
taken up, so we had the option of a king-smoking room or a king-handicap-friendly room.

Of course we chose the latter right?!?

I still recalled the hub asking the receptionist, "Ermmm, but if there is a handicapped person
who wants to check-in, do we have to change rooms again?"


I literally wanted to box him on the spot.
They surely not only have ONE handicap-friendly room right?!?


"I was like here!
Lie down on the bed laaaaa!"


Okay finally.....


Yellow Top : TEMT
White Pants : Cotton On
Necklace, Bag & Shoes : Primark (UK)

So first stop :


We wanted it to feel like an atas holiday to pamper ourselves, so we went shopping!
The man left vivocity feeling happier than me about his loots. =.=

Missing Christmas~~~

Back to the hotel after that.
We watched some movie on tv called the : "When a stranger calls"
Quite lame la, but okay give it some credits because it did make us jump a little here and there hahaha.
(Sorry my description makes us sound like cockroaches xD )

----Fast forward to next day----

Went out early for breakfast.
The only way to describe is... not good.
We were both disappointed.

Didn't expect such a standard from a "5-star" rating hotel.

 Tourist shot :D

After breakfast, we headed to the Trick-eye Museum to start our day.
Geared up with my Samsung NX-mini cam, we went to almost every stop to take photos.

I would say it was a fun experience, but there were quite a number of people walking about 
and it kind of spoiled some of the shots we took. (It was a thursday -.- )

Only worth one visit, will never go back again.
Oh yes and best to visit in small groups.
(Too many peeps can't fit into one picture, honestly!)

Next up : USS

Don't know why but I really look so happy xD

Sad truth's getting boring.
With the fact that the roller coaster rides (Human and Cylon) are both closed,
which left us only with two more exciting rides (Mummy ride and Transformer ride).

We actually went ahead to watch the sesame street show (which I am glad we did!) which
I know we wouldn't normally do, and the madagascar carousel ride (we were surrounded by parents and kids hahaha),
also took the Mummy ride and walked around taking some photos.

Really enjoyed this show because it was the Christmas version! :D

Hehe I love Cookie Monster and Big Bird!!!
Do you know that Big Bird's beak/head is actually controlled by a hand/arm?
As told to me by the hub - Big Bird's character is simply too tall!

Kudos to the person controlling it - must have very strong arms (Y)


Hehe actually after that day I can conclude he is actually quite 自恋 lor :P

Super happening on Sesame Street!


Didn't get to take the Transformer ride - we queued for 30 minutes only to be told
 near the entrance of the ride itself that there was an error with the system.

Left without even taking the ride feeling super disappointed.
Guess I will not be visiting USS anytime soon :( 

Went back to the hotel to change and then off to the poolside bar for a drink and a dip :D
I had chardonnay and the hub had beer.

I know I looked really happy in the photos but chardonnay sucks.
I just don't know how to appreciate it -.-

I was searching high and low for the champagne I had at Zouk one night while partying with my
girlfriends because it was SO FREAKING AWESOME but to no avail :(

And then finally one day I was told.... it was Moet -.-
Okay lesson learnt T.T - don't anyhow drink

So I was saying about having a drink by the pool...then stupid rain came pouring zzzz
Wah the instant "LIFE" mood just got cut short lor.

Ended up holding onto our drinks and running into the hotel lobby's pub to drink.
But it was so COLDDDDDDDDDD (we were drenched from the rain -.- ) so we "dabao" our drinks back into
the room hahahaha epic fail

Bathed and even took a short nap and camwhored (again) before we headed out for dinner at DIN TAI FUNG (YAYYYYYY)
I am crazy about their Red Bean Xiao Long Bao :D

Lighting made my face look so....yellowish :(

Hehehe hello I love the comfy duvets and pillows~~

Had a fatty, sinful yet yummy dinner (no pics as I left my cam to charge in the room)
and took a slow stroll around RWS and back to the hotel.

And funny thing was that after dinner, we went back to the hotel to rest a bit and went out in the middle of the night (about 2-3am) to gym together hahaha

Was pretty fun because we took the liberty to go to the gym without the proper gym gear (I wasn't in my running shoes - pea-brained me forgot to pack it) and I spoiled my flats while running on the treadmill, gave up and went to cycle and did pilates instead.

The hub was pretty happy lifting weights and working his shoulders and biceps ;)

Feeling tired and much better about ourselves after the workout (sinful dinner accounted for (Y) ),
we headed back to crash. :D


Checked out the next day and I was so so tired thanks to the mid-night gym session

Sorry I look like some monkey (literally) in the photos.
I was really tired I wasn't in the mood for photos :(

Hohoho that sums up this entry on the RWS staycation!
Too bad we don't gamble, else we have another reason to go to RWS for another
staycation heh heh!


Something exciting is brewing, coming up real soon.

Will update shortly!
Stay tuned! 


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