Blogger Event : Dominos SG + Something to announce :P


Counting down 7 more days to my Japan trip. 
V excited!!! :D

Anyway, last Wednesday, I went to a blogger event at Dominos @ Kovan.
I was kindly invited by TIN (The Influencer Network) and it was so much fun!

Made many new friends and we got to try the latest addition to their menu - the ALL NEW DOMINO'S GOLDEN CHICKEN!

Really cosy and fun setting with so many balloons around and with the colours black and gold
as the main dishes of the day are.........


As I stepped into Dominos @ Kovan, I was ushered to take a photo with the cute props!

After that, while waiting for the event to officially start, I acquainted myself with a new blogger friend, Chevron.
She looks really cute and I like her big hat hehe.
And when two girls meet....

The theme was Cowboy/Cowgirl/Italiano/Mediterranean.
I really tried my best because I couldn't find anything much in my wardrobe to wear.
So it was this....

Top : @thescarletroom
Pants : @peppythread
Shoes : @shopaggyl
Bag : @qoo10sg

Hehe give me some credit for trying la :P

So I was talking about the Golden Chicken Tenders..

Let me introduce to you.... the four really special Golden Chicken Dishes by Dominos SG!

Don't these chicken tenders that are baked into golen perfection and covered in cheese,
toppings and different sauces look so yummy???
Are you salivating yet?
Because I am, just by the thought of them! :D

There are four different flavours namely the Golden Mediterranean Chicken,
Golden Outback Chicken, Golden Italiano Chicken and the Golden Mexican Chicken.

Priced at $10.80 each, I must say they are extremely irresistable to have as add-ons to complete your pizza meal!
However, it is only $8.80 if you might want to add-on the Domino's Golden Chicken with a minimum personal pizza purchase!! :D

So what are the different flavours???

1) The Golden Italiano Chicken

Slightly spicy, these oven-baked chicken tenders are covered in pesto sauce, pineapple,
juicy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


2) The Golden Mexican Chicken

These oven-baked chicken tenders with slight spicy goodness - topped with salsa sauce, pineapples,
green capsicum, olives and juicy tomatoes.....

My thoughts : IS THE SEXXXXX~

3) The Golden Outback Chicken

Covered in generous amounts of  BBQ sauce, these chicken tenders are topped with capsicum and olives.

My thoughts : I like the combination of the chicken with the BBQ sauce. It makes it really delicious and want to go back for more!

4) The Golden Mediterranean Chicken

These oven baked chicken tenders are covered in Napolitana sauce, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta cheese!

My thoughts : I feel that the sauce really helped enhance the flavour of the chicken, really refreshing and special!

Currently Dominos is having an express Lunch Deal (Valid for Dine-In and Take-away only)
which for just $5.50, you can enjoy a Personal Pizza meal + a Soft Drink - simply add $1 to
swap to Golden Chicken (4 diff flavours to choose from). [T&Cs apply]

Some fun-facts of Dominos Pizza :
- Dominos is founded in 1960 in the U.S and is the world's recognized leader in pizza delivery!
- They were named "Chain of the Year" by Pizza Today magazine.
- Domino's Pizza is the first international pizza company to introduce pizza delivery services, and is famous for their pizza tracker named the GREAT PIZZA SERVICE TRACKER (GPS Tracker) - this is available on their new app for customers to track their delivery orders!

Domino's Pizza also brings 4 key unique prepositions (USP's to its customers) :

1) 30 minutes delivery guarantee; 15 minutes takeout guarantee
2) Product satisfaction guarantee
3) Free Delivery
4) Nett pricing

Some photos of the event itself....

There was a prize presentation for the winners of Domino's recent drawing contest with regards to the launch of the Golden Chicken Tenders
and it was a real pleasure to be able to see the drawings by the different winners.

The winners walked away with prizes like a free shopping spree, iphone6 and even gold bars!

There is also a chance for you to win, so fear not!

Step 1 : Follow @DominosSG on Instagram

Step 2 : Upload the best photo of your Golden Moments spent with your friends, family or loved ones or any golden moments worth capturing together with the above mentioned Golden Chicken item or with any Domino’s logo onto your Instagram.

Step 3 : Remember to tag @DominosSG, #MyGoldenMoment and #DominosSG in your picture!

You need to garner a minimum of 500 likes to be eligible for the first prize.
The winning photo will be chosen based on 60% creativity and 40% likes.

If you are worried you might not be able to hit 500 likes, worry not as there are other prizes to be won too!
If you have 200 likes, you are eligible for the 2nd Prize, and 3 lucky 2nd prize winners will win themselves Pizza party for 20 friends!
If you have 100 likes, you are eligible for the Consolation prize, and you will be entitled $100 worth of Free pizzas.

Contest will be valid from 18 March to 15 April 2015 only!
So start sharing your pictures now!

Good luck :D

For more information, please visit Domino's Facebook Page : or their instagram :


Before I sign off, I just want to announce/share that I have uploaded my wedding video on youtube, so feel free to watch it if you want to! :D

Bye! Thank you for reading (:

With love,