Happy...belated Valentine's Day, Pig's birthday and 1st year Customary Wedding Anniversary :D


Before I blog about the Dominos SG event I was invited to yesterday...

Let me finish blogging about :

1)Valentine's Day 2015
2) Customary Wedding Anniversary + Pig's Birthday Celebration

Valentine's Day 2015 :

Was pretty surprised to see such a big bouquet of flowers, and they are so lovely! :D

Just wore a simple white dress while Pig.......

 Wore this :D
I think the blazer really quite a good buy.
Nice fit (Y)

So we watched Fifty Shades of Grey at Golden Village Gold Class @ Great World City!
According to the hub he booked the tickets a week ago worried that it might be sold out.
And indeed they were everywhere in SG.
So I guess I'm pretty lucky :P

So before the movie while deciding what to have for dinner, we went to the lounge to chill out.
Not bad quite nice.
Though Cathay one seems nicer leh :P

Acting cool shots...

We were considering to whether to eat there or not as the husband only bought the tickets for 
Gold Class but not the package (+food and drinks).
Tickets for Gold Class seats only on that day was $90+ 


Hehe mirror shot #OOTD together :D

 He was damn happy with his bowl of noodles I dont understand...

And here we go~~~~~~~

The seats are indeed super comfy!
You can adjust the leg rest to suit your preference!
And each couple seat comes with a mini table for food and drinks.

I just thought that the rows of the seats can be on a higher ground one after another - would
be so much better lor.

Hehe camwhoring with my Valentine before the movie!

Can never imagine myself to have my hair of this colour OMG

 Super act cute this one...

Okok movie start already...

Though it was really a simple night out with a movie and a meal, the experience at Gold Class was indeed special. 
I think everyone should try it at least once in a lifetime. :D

Happy V'Day my lover/bestfriend/husband/pig/Cookie's Daddy/everything-else-also-la.



Pig's birthday and 1st year Customary Wedding Anniversary :

My outfit of the day..

Top : @vgystore
Pants : Bugis I think
Bag : @scapemall
Shoes : @qoo10sg
Accessories : @LovisaJewellery

I really love this pair of pants.
It's like my fat pants hehe.
I wear it when I get conscious about my legs.

Hehe firstly, happy 1st year Customary Wedding.
Can't believe it's been a year!


We walked around and can't decide what to have so.....

I'm seriously having some strong cravings of Pad Thai since XYZ!@#$%^&*() year 
Okay kidding.
But honestly no Pad Thai will ever be better than the one @ Khao San Road.
(Look for the uncle in his legendary shower cap.)
The pad thai he cooks is JUST SO FREAKING AWESOMEZXZXZ

Thai Laksa!
Really love this dish, the curry/laksa sauce is super yummy :D

Some calamari dish that I didn't really appreciate...


 Hehe pardon my very fat face.

Dont ask me why his face looks like that...

After walking about and having our dinner, we headed to Beer Market to meet his friends for
a drinking session.

 Hehe Ginger Ale quite nice to drink :D



Happy Birthday my Pig husband.
Love you forever (no choice one) - :P kiddinggggggg hehe

 Met this sweet girl for a little while.♥



Two style post to share before I sign off..

Top : @thehautetheory
Bag : @qoo10sg
Shoes : @theshoeshysteria

Wore this outfit to the Dominos SG event.

Top : @thescarletroom
Pants : @peppythread
Shoes : @shopaggyl
Bag : @qoo10sg

What do you think of my outfits?
I have an idea but I need to complete my Japan trip before I work on it.
Let me brainstorm a little on it first :D

Thanks for reading everyone!

With love,

P/s : I am trying to update my Dayre either everyday or every other day.
You can follow me on http://dayre.com/aggylow :D

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