Artica Hair Studio + Styles for my weekends

As promised these are some of the deals/promotions that is ongoing over at Artica Hair Studio 
right now!

Tbh I have very bad hair conditions, and I really can't wait for my upcoming visit to Artica Hair Studio to see what Director, Mr Juno Ong can do to save my tresses!

Please stay tuned for more as I pop by their studio next week and will then share about my experiences with you all! :D

If you are keen, do visit their facebook page and give them a call on all their packages!
I really think that the packages all quite tempting leh heh heh..

Moving on~

Some of my belated style posts over the weekends as seen on my instagram.

Top : Bangkok
Culottes : @peppythread
Bag : @qoo10sg
Shoes : @qoo10sg
Tassle necklace : @shopaggyl

Black on black can be very chic-looking too!
On the side note, I love my necklace!
Haha very different from my usual preference of chunky ones (:

 Hehe mirror shot.
And the day when my camera lens died :(
RIP :(


Another one of my favorites to date : 

I love chunky rings I cannot lie (Y)

Didn't expect that grey actually goes really well with my favorite maxi skirt from MDS :D
The fringe bag and shoes both come so much in handy :P

Top : Cotton On
Skirt : @mdscollections
Bag : Bugis
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry : Lovisa


Hehe I seemed overly excited and happy but I was really glad I bought this top :D
The husband said it looks ah-maish but really no, because the cutting is so distinctive!

Hehe "behind-the-scenes" shots...

Actually this photo looks quite funny cos I am touching the metal thingy but I look like I'm just putting my hands in the air hahahahha

Okay this one more natural haha

Top : @faythlabel
Shorts/Bag : @shopaggyl
Shoes : @qoo10sg
Accessories : H&M


Stripes and Skorts.
Lovin' how this outfit makes me look smart-casual.

Top : Cotton On
Skorts : @qoo10sg


Last one.

Wanted to share this a few entries ago but the photos just piled up :P

Finally my glittery cardigan from Primark came in handy for this one. :D

If you notice, the dried flowers at the side are the ones that the husband gave to me for Valentine's Day. I have this habit of keeping all flowers even after they wither, and I try to make them into dried ones because I really cannot bear to throw them away :(

Top : @thescarletroom
Shorts : H&M
Cardigan : Primark (UK)

Loving this bralet top from The Scarlet Room.
I wanted to get black initally but I wanted a change in my choice of colours (black always :P )
so I chose white this time round.

Love the pattern of the laces - they look exquisite and I love how they are not too short so
if I were to match with something high-waisted it would be just nice, not showing too much tummy especially if I eat too much and tummy bulges :P

Looking at all my oufits, I realised I'm quite a minimalist to be honest.
I am a fan of colours and florals but not on me.
Okay maybe occasionally :D

Hehe happy monday all you lovely people :-*

Thanks for reading (:

With love,