Aggylow travels✈ - Japan Trip : Tokyo Day 3 - 4 (Part 2)

Japan Trip : Tokyo Day 3 - 4 (Part 2)

Hello all! Welcome back! :D

Now let's move on to Part II, Tokyo Day 3 - 4.

Day 3 : Shibuya + Love Hotel
1st April 2015

Woke up late heh heh but luckily we didn't have too many places to go for the day.

So our first stop of the day was...


When we reached, we visited Hachiko and took some photos with the statue of him! (:

I love you~~~~

It was heartwarming that many people surrounded the statue and took photos with it.
The location where the statue was said to be the exact location where Hachi waited everyday for his
owner to come back... until he eventually passed on.
Really touching story. T.T

And also of course, not forgetting...the infamous SHIBUYA CROSSING!

It was impossible for us to take any photos from ground level, so we went up to the 2nd storey of a building nearby to take photos.

It was a cool sight, everyone literally just cross anywhere they want hahaha!!

Okay after the mandatory photo-taking...OFF TO SHOPPING!

Walked past this shop and I went gaga when I saw these....

I thought it was quite cheap actually (500 yen for an entire box) until I went to Osaka, which
sold the same for 380 yen :(


Are you all jealous? :P

After finishing all of them, we went ahead with the shopping.

The more popular areas to shop will be Shibuya 109 and Shibuya Men.
But let me be honest with you - I did not enjoy myself shopping over there as the stuffs are quite expensive and I would rather go back to shop at Harajuku/Shinjuku for their wallet-friendly prices.

So my advise would be, unless you are willing to spend, don't expect too much of Shibuya.

I guess the best part of the day was.....GENKI SUSHI!

 The queue....zzzz....

So quite auto - you order from the screen infront of u, awhile later, it will be served right up to you :D

We spent about an hour in there eating, and I was very amused with the little moving "skateboard" thing that served us our food hahaha.

For the price we paid (about 1500yen per pax), it was very worth it as we ate a lot!
(Photos as evidence hahaha)

I played some game and won this sushi eraser also hahaha

Walked about Shibuya and headed to Shibuya Men for a bit.

#OOTD on one of the very busy Shibuya street!

Top : HnM
Jeans : Primark
Boots : @shopaggyl
Bag : Shibuya (ya used it on the spot because the bag I was using was tad too small :P )
Coat : @thehautetheory

Shibuya is quite huge, so we really took quite a lot of time walking and exploring around.

And he just had to....

Take unglam shots of me -.- as I was amazed by the flowers by the streets and tried taking photos of them!

 Hahaha look at that guy!

So cute!
Hachiko bus! :D

We also walked past this pet shop that sell tiny kittens and puppies omgg.
Was stuck there for about 1/2 an hour hahahahaha

Shiba Inu :D


Hehe so cute right!

We got pretty tired and in the end we decide to have a Jap massage (no photos - we forgot to take shots :( ) - they call it Shiatsu.

It was not very worth it imo.
We paid about 3000yen for an hour each.

After our massage we went to HnM that was nearby.
Hehe bought quite a number of things as the prices there really super affordable so I was quite happy even when I didn't buy many things at Shibuya.

And after that.....

We decided to head to a Love Hotel that everyone has been talking about when visiting Japan, but before that....


Went into this random ramen stall and it was.....SHIOKNESS.
Reason-being the weather really super cold!
And slurping a bowl of piping hot Ramen really warmed us up!

Hahaha I know I look very happy it's because I really was to take a break from the chilly winds outside!!!

A bowl of goodness for you???

After our meal, of course, a visit to a LOVE HOTEL!

It was a rather fun experience (we have a video-log on it so pleaseeeee wait for it!)!

The hub explored the Love Hotel areas while I was shopping.
Honestly they look quite discreet for the fact that they are hiding at back alleys/streets and not very prominent!

So we picked out the hotel that we wanted - Hotel Luara!

So obviously we picked the rest one, and paid 4200yen for 2 hours!

There's quite a lot of things to do in the room - they have movies, porn (oops), a huge
bath-tub (and there's a tv in the bathroom lol) and it was a rather comfy stay.

 Quite nice right!!!

 This one so cute hahaha
It's like the "mood-setter" hahaha
So you can choose if you want the room to be romantic/bright/party or whichever lighting you want!

And I  reaaally love the tub hahahaha

After our Love Hotel experience, we headed back by taxi because it was about 1am.

While walking back...
Shibuya crossing at night... super empty :O

 He couldnt resist not have a last shot with Hachiko :D

Taken on the taxi, Tokyo Tower!

And not to mention.... it's past 12am which makes me 24 years old!


As we have no access to any cafes/bakeries anymore as it was too late,
we went to buy some icecream waffle instead and used that as a birthday cake.

Haha okay la not so bad right! :p

Sang the birthday song, and I got my new birthday gift from the hub!

Flatlay featuring my new instax mini 8 :D

Crashed straight afterwards because we were so damn tired after all the walking can :O

And not to mention we were going to have a long day the next day at....



Counting down....












*The next day*


Day 4 : DisneySea

2nd April 2015

*Disclaimer* : There are too many photos of me in this entry - hope you all
don't mind as it was my birthdayyyyy so hehehehehe~~

Blooms everywhere, literally!

Took a train to Maihama Station where we have to change to the Disney Resort Line
to go to DisneySea.

 The Disney Resort Line so cute, windows are of the shape of Mickey Mouse's head!


We stupidly bought tickets to the Disney Resoirt Line which after that we realised that

They have storage lockers for you so if you wanna go straight to/fro the airport also can :D

And here we areeeee~


 Minnie Mouse looking a little lost... hahahaha


There's so many people everywhere :(

 I swear I thought this was a real volcano.... :O

Can't blame me right?!

 Hehe queuing up for some fresh popcorn :D

 And can I say I was so amazed to see oranges growing from these bushes omg!

Weeee my favourite place...
The Mermaid Lagoon!!

 Really looks so wonderful and colorful inside :D

 Hehe made a sovenir medallion :D

The hub saw this and he was pretty impressed.
The artist will draw your face in cartoon and put it beside the side profile of another cartoon.
Wth I don't get this really....


 So impressed with this because you can really send a postcard from here! :D


I managed to take a shot with my favourite Disney Princess of all time, Ariel (:
Okay la the statue but still..... :D

 I used to watch the VCD of this cartoon a lot and pretended to be her when I go for swimming lessons :P


I know this sounds stupid but we really didn't manage to take any rides
at all as the queues are about 120mins-150mins :(

But physically being in Disneysea was already awesome :D

Everywhere inside here is picture-perfect honestly (:

 Some game station where you can win prizes but I'm not interested...unless it's Mickey :P

 Met Lilo and his girlfriend (?!? since when he had a gf) on the way hahaha

 This one looks pretty awesome but look at the queue...and waiting time (150mins!)

 Ya..he's into this kinda stuff..

 Smoked chicken...
(500yen for such a small piece zzzz)

 Hehe time for lunch!
We shared a meal because I wasn't hungry and ended up eating this caramel pudding as my main course :P

 Even the wash basin looks fab!

Hehe some photos after lunch.. :P  



Crop Top/Skirt : HnM
Cardigan : Primark
Shoes : qoo10
Beanie : I forgot where :P

The next location (I think it's some Port or something) is my next fav after Mermaid Lagoon!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere~~~

So pretty...really an eye-feast!!!!



Even their public phone so nice and quaint-looking?!?

 "I'll be your lighthouse...I'll make it okay~~~"


This was the last stop (super near the entrance/exit)
One of the smallest one also - ft the Toystory characters.

Byebye DisneySea :)

At about 6plus, we left and headed to the hotel to get our bags for our trip to OSAKA!

Bought the tickets of the Bullet train for about S$150 per pax. (one-way ticket)
Quite exp to be frank, but we took the fastest train which allows us to reach Osaka in 2hrs!
The fastest train is called the Nozomi :D


I remembered that I went like "hey~~ why you take selfie never tell me!! I wanna wear my beanie!"

 Yay love you super deep very deeeeeeep :-*

Hehe even their ticket inspector was dressed so appropriately!

Fell asleep on the train as we were so so tired.

Honestly if you go to Japan, just eat as much as you want :P
Because by the end of the day, all those walking should already help you burn away the calories!
:D :D :D

Ding dong~~~

Reached Shin-Osaka!

And this is our first photo in Osaka together hehe.

Took us some time to find our way to our domitory (we booked it on Airbnb).
We chose to stay at a domitory as it was so much cheaper.
(Hotel rooms per night costs about S$200 in Osaka)

Will share more and photos in the next post where it is entirely about our 3 days in OSAKA :D

So stay tuned for the next entry : Japan Trip Part 3, Osaka Day 1 - 3

Hope this was helpful for you.

For more info on DisneySea, please check out :

Thank you for reading (: