Aggylow travels✈ - Japan Trip : Osaka Day 1-3 (Part 3)

Japan Trip : Osaka Day 1-3  (Part 3)

Hello all!

I sincerely thank you all for being so patient and waited for all three entries with regards
to my recent trip to Japan (:

If you follow my Instagram, you will know that I have only posted little bits and pieces of my trip
because I honestly do not want to overwhelm my followers' feeds
and thus everything is documented on my blog instead so you guys can keep coming
back here anytime you want for reference :D

So this entry is the last entry regarding my Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) trip, and in the next
few days' time I will be posting vlogs of my trip with the husband.

Side-track a little, if you all have been wondering...


Because the husband was deployed overseas so darn freaking last minute
and I really wasn't prepared.
I was pretty angry and upset but it's his job.
Hope that he will be back to me and cookieboy soon soon :(

Okay back to the main point...
So this entry is entire about Osaka!

I would say this part is not very well-planned.

I.e. We spent quite a fair bit on the bullet train tickets (without seeking other possible options), and also our stay at the domitory was....meh :(
Ended up we stayed at some other places to have more privacy to ourselves.
(Please watch out for the vlog on the domitory that we booked, maybe then you will understand why we chose to stay elsewhere instead..)

So Day 1 of Osaka.

Linking back from my last post, we alighted at Osaka at about 10pm Japan time, and managed to find our way to the domitory about an hour and a half later -.-

We crashed there because we were pretty tired from DisneySea.


Day 1 in OSAKA : Kuromon Market + Shinsekai
3rd April 2015

Our first stop today was super exciting!
It was indeed by far the best location we visited in Osaka.


Seafood/Sashimi lovers, please be warned that the following pictures might be
too gastronomic for you to accept. xD

From my research, this place was highly recommended, and people who went there actually said things like, "If you have never been to Kuromon Market, you have never been to Osaka."

Of course I was more than sold.
So we left the dom and headed there first thing in the morning for some food, shopping and fun :D

Yay yay yay here we are! :D

Hehe you can literally see dogs everywhere in Japan!

There's so many things to see there really.
It is so authetic because it is like the wet market + food market there and it was so damn awesome.

If you love seafood, you will never regret going to the Kuromon Market.

Just let the pictures do all the talking ya.

Hehe this uncle so cute :D

Haha look at this strawberry!
Bigger than my thumb! :O

Grilled seafood, YUMS :D

Shellfish Sashimi!

Yummy yummy grilled prawn!

Haha I'm contented with my pancake :P


So pretty right the tomatoes :D

And pumpkin! :D


The hub bought these - oyster and sea urchin :O

All for about S$40 - see the scallops and THICK SLICES OF SASHIMI?

Too bad I am not a huge fan of seafood.
Even my sashimi I like it torched/lightly grilled at least.


Fruit cake!! :D
I don't remember why I didn't try it, but I think I wasn't too tempted by the large amounts of cream
in the cake :P


Aw I love this flower shop.
And the hub very sweet just randomly bought some for me ♥

It's actually quite big, a lot of things to see!


Whatever sashimi you want, they have it!

So how?
Are you sold now? :P

The husband was so elated when he was there being a seafood lover.

Basically Kuromon Market sells everything - pets stuffs, japanese snacks, seafoods, fresh
produce, beauty products (YESSSSS!), electronics stuffs, household items, clothings, bags, and even pets!!!



Pants - Hokkaido
Cardigan - HnM
Top - Bangkok
Bag - Tokyo
Shoes - TheShoesHysteria
Headband - HnM


 We went back to the dom to unload our stuffs first heh heh :D

Next stop : Shinsekai!

This is also one of the more famous spots in Osaka.
This street features a long stretch of eateries/restaurants, so you really don't have
to worry about being hungry :P

While we were walking from the station to Shinsekai,
and on the way the hub spotted something called SPA WORLD.

Honestly I wasn't too interested (due to the cold weather and for the
fact we didn't really enjoy the massage at Tokyo :( ).
He merely went up the longggggggggg stretch of stairs to check it out and to
take some photos.

So ta-da :

Nothing much really haha.

While walking to Shinsekai, we passed by this little
"hidden street".
We saw old uncles doing their thang with their chess pieces
and there were some snacks shops/eateries along the way too.


So cute right this place :D

Then we walked and walked and walked and we finally got there!


Very #failed #ootd shot but it's okay hahahahaha

Nothing really caught our eyes, so we ended up heading to
Dotonbori for dinner instead! :D

And here we are : DOTONBORI :D


Honestly there is sooooooooo many eateries there!
We decided to have conveyor belt sushi once again hahahahaha

This one deserves two pics, too yummy!

Are you salivatinggggggggggggg? :P

Continued walking down the streets to explore :D

 Hehe I was very excited I remember!

 Hehe typical Osaka tourist shot!

 Too adorable :D

Super tired, took the subway back to the dom after all the exploring ends hahaha

And yay photo of me and the bouquet of flowers he bought during our trip to Kuromon Market!



Day 2 in OSAKA : Osaka Castle + Umeda Sky Building + Hozenji Temple

4th April 2015

We were pretty packed this day - supposed to head to Osaka Castle,
Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Umeda Sky Building and Hozenji Temple.

But we forgot totally about the Ferris Wheel -.-
And we spent too much time at Osaka Castle because the park is huge and
there is too much to see!

Had breakfast at 松 屋 again (YAYYYY) and I had the beef rice bowl once again.

 The hub's ramen dish which he didn't really like.... :(


So first stop, we headed to Osaka Castle!!!

Was pretty excited because everyone has been raving about its beauty.

(Photo by meeeeee :D)

And indeed it was... (:

No filter needed, the photo above taken by my iphone 6.
Super nice right!
Like a photo taken from the Internet! :O
Because it just looks like this in real life, honestly!

On the way to the park...

Don't you all think this tree looks like a broccoli??


Look at the line of Sakura trees omg :O

Hehe video-ing myself and showing my friend :D

Oops caught in action haha

Made a new best friend.....


Okay let's go in :D

 Cutie :*

 Sakura trees all day err dayyyyyy~~~~

 These ones are suuuuuuuper pink! :O

Tickets to view the sakura park + Osaka Castle!

 Yay finally no photo-bombers!

 Super beautiful......

A lot of photo-bombers but it's okay :P

Osaka Castle in it's full glory literally....

 Hehe time for fat-face me to take photo with the legendary castle :D


I think he asked to take a photo with them because they were dressed like that hahaha

Hehe mini-shoot hahahhahaha


Walked about and explored and the hub saw some old men doing their form of "Taichi" :P

 Everyone at the park seemed to be having a good time, and the Japs
have this tendency to chill under sakura trees!!

I recalled the weather that day was somehow a little warm (23-25degs) and the sun was
pretty active too heh heh....

Which means......

A good reason to have an ice-cream! :D

As there was a long queue of people waiting and buying tickets to go up the castle,
we opted not to and stayed on ground level to take photos instead!

I can't understand Japanese but I can see it is how this place looks like in 1615!

 Can you see people standing at the highest level?


There was some performance going on that day too!

I didn't really get the show... haha and proceeded to do some souvenirs shopping instead :D

Really a longgggggggggg morning spent at Osaka Castle.

Left about 2pm to head back to our dom to unload once again.

Cray cray moments on the way back :D

Our double-chin shot and I win hands-down

Hehe I like this picture - the lighting was very good when I took this shot! :D


Took us quite some time to find this.
It wasn't too near to any subway, requires some walking.


Cap - HnM
Top - @shopaggyl
Shoes - Qoo10sg
Pants - @thehautetheory
Neckwarmer - Primark

 This is a mini-van selling piping hot yakitori.
Quite wasted for the fact that we did not try it :(

Here we are!

 Hehe the man and his "gun" ;P

 Why 173 you might ask?
Because this building is 173m tall!

Would love to check out the sky garden but the husband has some serious issues with heights.

Even the toilet is so cute-looking!

A place good to visit when at Osaka imo.
But if you don't have time, you may skip this!


Last and final stop of the day - Hozenji Temple!

It is known to be famous for this god statue that is covered with moss.
The story is that actually it was just a normal statue but some lady
kept pouring water at it, thus it formed moss overtime and people kept doing this
over the many years down the road.

And yes, it is indeed covered with moss!

Hehe I love those wooden stuff where you get to write on and hang at the temple for well-wishes..

And so I got down on one :P


 Such a very lovely place!
Explored the streets around and went searching for a place for dinner :D

After  walking out of the little streets...

Out on the bigger streets with shops and eateries!

The hub had some cold noodles dish in the end, and I wasn't too hungry so I didn't really eat.
Tried one mouthful and didn't like it too much :P

So before we headed back for our well-deserved rest, ABC MART FIRSTTTT!

They sell soooooo many brands of shoes (Nike, New Balance, Timberland - just to name a few..) at
a fraction of the original pricing!!!

I wanted to buy Nike Air in Black but i tried it on and didn't like it :(
Then......a pair of Janoskis caught my eye.



The hub another pair of Nikes too that somehow looks a little like mine, just a little..

Back to the dom for some couple shoe shots hahahaha.
Also to pack our luggages, all ready to leave Osaka for Tokyo the next morning! :D

Day 3 in OSAKA : Osaka - Tokyo - Singapore
4th April 2015

We woke up pretty late on the third day of Osaka to depart to Tokyo,
and the plans for the day were kinda spoilt because of this :(

 My meal on the bullet train to Tokyo!
Really love how they package their stuffs :D

Took a few more shots of these beauties before I leave them at some random corner in Tokyo Station :'(
(But I managed to bring a few mini-stalks of them home hehehehe)

 So pretty really.
I don't mind using these as my wedding bouquet heh heh

 We reach Tokyo about 12+ and wanted to head to Pokemon center but
with our luggages from Osaka with us, we had to head to the hotel
to unload first.

In short, we wasted a lot of time and got lost at Tokyo Station and didn't manage to go to
Pokemon center in the end. :(

Felt quite sorry for the husband but....hopefully next year we could go again.

 Please find your way properly before you head anywhere to/fro Tokyo station
because it is huge and almost impossible to find your way around easily :(



We're coming home~~~~


Bag + Pants - Tokyo
Nike Shoes - Osaka
Bracelet - Bangkok
Headband + Top - HnM
Jacket (overlapping on bag) - @thehautetheory


That's all for our Tokyo/Osaka Trip.

In terms of planning, I think we could do so much better.
No matter what, hope this little travelogue of mine does help
a little in your planning/knowledge about Tokyo/Osaka!

Do wait up for the upcoming vlogs in 3 parts by the hub and I! :D

Also, drop me a question over at my should you have any, or an email will also do fine!

Thanks for reading :D