Emerald Allure - C-curl Eyelashes Extensions in Brown Diamond


C curl Eyelashes Extensions in Brown Diamond

Emerald Allure - is a home-based local company that provides services for
nails/eyelashes extensions, wedding hairdo/makeup and even gown renting services.

Their goal is to provide affordable services to everyone, with hopes that their customers will be beautiful, happy and confident especially with the help of their services!

Currently they provide services at their home-based salon at Sengkang,
which will then move to Roxy Square (Parkway Parade) by May end.


So I was kindly invited by Elayne, the very successful lady behind Emerald Allure, to try out their eyelashes extensions!
She is a Singaporean and is a certified practitioner so you all won't have to worry, it's all safe in her hands :D

I was very excited because I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE having long eyelashes and waking
up pretty (hehe) and fuss-free eyes when I do my makeup.


My conclusion? 

Super lovely lashes!!! :D

I honestly was pretty skeptical about home-based salons hearing many "horror stories" from my friends whom have been to various ones all over SG.

But I must say, when I stepped into Emerald Allure's home based salon, it really did gave me a very "spa" feel about it.

I remember very vividly that when during my experience there, Elayne actually turned on some soothing music while I go through my eyelashes extensions process, just like how an actual
spa would.

I really like how she tries her best to make her customers feel comfortable and at ease.

Elayne showed me some colours/length of the eyelashes extensions before we started.
Through knowing what my preferences are, she recommended me to do the C-curl eyelashes extensions in Brown Diamond.

The reason why I chose brown is because I always wear brown contact lenses and brown eyeliner :D

The style/lashes I chose are the ones circled in red!

I really like this because it is lash-by-lash extensions, so it looks really natural, feels very comfortable and YESSSSSSSSSS I DON'T NEED TO APPLY MASCARA ANYMORE (for now).

If you are interested, depends on how well you take care of the extensions, they can last for about 3 months tops, and yes you have to be extra careful when removing makeup.

During the entire process, Elayne and I had a good chat and it was really enjoyable as she has a really lovely and sweet personality.
I think this is also very important as she makes her customers feel comfortable during the process and also that she is trustworthy enough to do best for your outlook and beauty (:

Let's take a virtual tour around her cozy little home-based salon.

 Comfy and cozy room, one of the plus-points of this home-based salon!

She does nails too, and I can see there are many choices to choose from! :D

Her certificates! (:

Oh and she does pedicure also! :D

I removed my makeup once I got home very very carefully,
and this is how I look WITHOUT any makeup at all.
Not even my eyebrows or eyeliner heh heh

(Ehhhh now you all know I do have some breakouts here and there heh heh...shhhhh~)

The super plus-point about having eyelashes extensions on - you still look not too bad without makeup on! :P


Currently Emerald Allure is having a promo :
If you quote my name, you can have eyelashes extensions like me for just $20!!!

YES $20!!!
(For both eyes!)

Super good deal right?
I myself can't believe it and I'm really humbly grateful to Elayne for offering
such a good deal to my lovely readers :D

Do either leave me a question on my ask.fm/aggylow or contact Emerald Allure directly for
any questions at all! (:

Eyelashes extensions (lash-by-lash) is quite an in-thing now!
Since it is only $20, why not just give it a go and see how you'd like it? (:

Wake up pretty, or even leave house without makeup at all!


Also, do remember to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for
sneak previews + juicy updates!

INSTAGRAM: @emerald.allure | https://instagram.com/emerald.allure

Thank you for reading (:

With love,