[Photo-blog] Good things don't last forever.

That's why we have to cherish..
All of us (:


May Day was a lovely day.
Brought the boy out to Marina Barrage and then Dog Cafe afterwards hoping to make him feel better after one week of not seeing his Daddy.

 So excited to go out :D

Look at his face hahaha

But honestly the weather was too hot and this poor boy just didn't seem to enjoy himself that much.

Flew our kite but then it didn't take long before the stupid rain came...



Snack time! :D

My turn to fly a kite~~~~~


Soooooo photogenic :D


Shades & White Top - H&M
Shorts - @shopaggyl
Shoes - @shopaggyl
Bag - Primark
Necklace - Lovisa

Dog cafe!

This boy literally lives for food.
He didn't appreciate the fact that there were other dogs around for him to interact with.
He ran towards any human being walking about with plates/bowls of food.


Saturday-Sunday : Staycation

To the staycation..



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