[Review/Advertorial] My SkinnyMint Teatox Journey - 28 Days Ultimate Teatox

Hello all~ 

I know many of you have been waiting for this blog entry, and yes I have finished my 28-day Teatox and finally able to share with you all my results and experience I have drinking this tea. 

Disclaimer - before you all start to say that I am fit/slim/thin to start with, I would say the reason why I am looking into teatox-ing because of the good effects that I have heard from my friends and also I just want a healthier option to naturally detox.

 So first things first : 


A teatox is a process of detoxing by drinking tea. 
It works by cleansing our body from all the gunk and what-nots and is effective and natural.
Accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercising, teatoxing is believed to be able to help us achieve our body and health goals!

I like it because it does not act as a diet or meal replacement!

If you all don't know already, SkinnyMint is a teatox program that is specially created with natural ingredients that are specially sourced and selected for their respective special properties. 

These special ingredients are then combined, and is the key to making this teatox so effective as they biochemically balance and complement each other to ensure that we can get the best results by consuming it.

SkinnyMint Teatox comes in two-steps, one in the morning and one to drink at night.

For the whole of 28 days, you will have to drink the Morning Boost tea, while for 14 days (once every two days out of the 28 days), you will have to consume the Night Cleanse tea.

Taken from an excerpt from SkinnyMint's website :

"The Morning Boost is designed to increase your energy levels. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste. We recommend it as a healthier alternative to coffee after you’ve completed your Teatox."

"The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally cleanse the body which could lead to reduced bloating. It contains all natural ingredients to promote the cleansing process. If you’re an experienced Teatoxer, you can try drinking the Night Cleanse every night for maximum results. However, do listen to your body and if you feel unwell, please revert to taking it every other night!"

I personally really really looooooooveeee drinking the Morning Boost.
It really keeps me energized and somehow I feel it helps to control my appetite (in a good way)
making sure I do not overeat especially during lunch and I'm digging it's fruity taste! :D

My typical breakfast while on SkinnyMint Teatox.
Whole-wheat bread with natural blueberries jam + SkinnyMint's Morning Boost Tea :D

I am not a big fan of the Night Cleanse (taste-wise), but am sure that it plays an important role in helping my body clear the gunk out as I feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom the next day morning after having the Night Cleanse the night before ;P

For anyone whom might be keen to know, these are the ingredients in the teas (extracted from SkinnyMint's website) :

Results wise....

Okay I know I don't have the best before photo.


But I honestly know I was kinda bloating.
For those who follows me on a regular basis on my blog/Dayre/IG, you would know I workout.

But somehow my body has this tendency to bloat, ESP during my period.
And I did not work out and binged quite a bit while I was in Japan for a week, which I thought would be good for me to start teatox-ing with SkinnyMint once I'm back!

These shots were taken about 3 weeks into my Teatox journey with SkinnyMint  :

My tummy was visibly flatter - I worked out the same as before and  did not change my diet habits at all...

Just to prove to you guys...

While out with my girlfriends for brunches....

Yes I cheated quite a bit during my teatox program... :P

I know I should eat healthier, but I just want to show you all that it is okay to have some cheat days
while on the SkinnyMint program, though it is more effective if you all watch your exercise and diet on a daily basis!

Okay I just want to add on...

While on this tea, please do not expect it to be a miracle.
What works for others might not work the same for you - some people get faster results, while others get slower results.

But I can guarantee that you will definitely feel different and more motivated to working towards your perfect body after drinking this tea!

My results :

I have a total weight loss of 2 kgs - by following throughout the teatox program, exercising on a regular basis (4-5 days a week) and trying my very best to eat healthier everyday!

For maintenance, I was advised to drink Morning Boost to keep my energy levels high throughout the day.

I guess right now there might be many questions in your mind, so these are a list of questions with answers I have prepared for you all! 


Did you experience diarrhea?
I did experience slightly watery stools but I know that I should expect some form of flushing due to the ingredients doing their thang ;)

Did you drink the tea during your period?
Yes I did! I did not feel anything different or any increase in menstrual cramps/pains etc.

Can I drink this tea if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Hmmm I think you might want to email SkinnyMint to check on this....

Did you experience any discomfort during the teatox?
Okay I have to admit, yes I did, just slightly.
It was a little like aching in the tummy, just a little, but I'm guessing it is just the teatox trying to prepare to flush the gunk out of my body :D

What happens after 28 days of the teatox program?
Well SkinnyMint promises permanent results after the teatox, IF you maintain your healthy diet/lifestyle. It is not reccomended to continue drinking the Night Cleanse immediately after the 28 days of teatox-ing, but drinking Morning Boost to keep your energy levels high throughout the day would be great!

Can guys drink SkinnyMint?
I don't think there is any rule saying men can't go on a teatox, so ya sure, why not? (:

So this sums up my SkinnyMint Teatox Journey!

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Thanks for reading!

Agnes (: