Faux Fayc - Foʊ - face : Say Goodbye to your falsies!



FAUX FAYC - Pronounced as (Foʊ - face), is a local Singapore-based Cosmetic brand started up in year 2014.

They aim to enlighten women of all ages with products that can dramatically enhance features in seconds!

The best part about them is that they do not see themselves as selling products, but rather, providing women from all walks of life a completely new ‘FAUX FAYC’, personality and character -  specially designed for your alter ego!

If you check out their site, you will notice that they currently have lip liquid lipsticks and
also their best selling Mascara Duo Set that promises to enhance your lashes with a 300% length increase!!


Being a loyal fan to fake eyelashes (yes I wear them very often :( ), I know the woes of putting them on, them poking your eyes if they don't fit well, how your eyes get very tired easily with the fake lashes on, etc etc.

Really, I dont enjoy every bit of this.

So imagine my happiness when Faux Fayc introduced to me their best selling  Mascara Duo Set!
I was like - "WA MUST TRY!!!!"

RTP : $38

Okay a little about this product first :

The new smudge-proof Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set provides a drama-like effect with a 300% increase in length and thickness while keeping your lashes looking real. Shockingly similar to falsies with a wide-eye effect, its lightweight formula will keep your lashes curled and clump-free all day. With the new Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set, say goodbye to your falsies!

Honestly just by reading this description, I was quite skeptical.

Yuan, from Faux Fayc team was really nice and kind to ask me to give my honest review on this product.

I'm going to try now and give you my honest review....

Tried and tested! :D

So here I go!

Pros - 

1) This  Mascara Duo Set really lived up to its promises and gave me 300% increase in length and I am now falsies free for at least 3 weeks now :D

2) You don't need to wait in between the mascaras to apply the next coat!

3) No more tired eyes from falsies!

4) This mascara is smudge-proof and water proof and LAST ALL DAY!

Cons - 

1) You have to be careful and patient when applying - (check out my step-by-step guide for more info!)

2) You have to apply a layer of your own mascara after the natural fibres so they stay on and doesn't flake, because I faced this flaking problem after just applying the natural fibres.


How to apply the Mascara Duo Set?
(Pics are not edited to show you the reaaaaaaal thang!)

You will need :

Faux Fayc Mascara Duo Set
Your own Mascara (I am using Dejavu Fiberwig)

Step 1 :

Curl your lashes

Step 2 :

Apply your own mascara

Step 3 :

Apply Faux Fayc Transplanting Gel Mascara

Step 4 :

Apply Faux Fayc Natural Fibres Mascara ONLY AT THE TIPS OF YOUR LASHES
(If not they will clump up the bottom part)

 Omgggaaaah so longggg!

Step 5 :

(I find this additional step essential for me, so do experiment with or without, and see
what kinds of results you might get :D )

Apply your own mascara slowly and carefully on your lashes




At Faux Fayc, because they really care about their customers, it really gives you such a peace
of mind while shopping with them ensuring you get your products and orders all right
and safely reach your hands.

Also not to mention their super easy-to-use website, nothing complicated, so that you
can enjoy the best and easiest shopping experience!

These are some of the products that you can find at TSH!

Do either leave me a question on my ask.fm/aggylow or contact Faux Fayc directly for
any questions at all! (:

Also remember to check their new liquid lipstick out, it's really tempting me tbh :P

Want longer lashes like falsies but not falsies?? :P

Want to be featured? (:

Also, remember to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for sneak previews + juicy updates!

INSTAGRAM: @fauxfayc | https://instagram.com/fauxfayc/

Thank you for reading (:

With love,