My #SkinnyMint Journey (Part 1)

So as I mentioned on my instagram, I started my #SkinnyMint Journey yesterday right after I came back from Japan.

In fact I am drinking it as I type :D

Okay first thing's first.
Some of my friends ask - eh why you still want to drink SkinnyMint?
You are already very Skinny.

1) I'm not skinny hahaha really!!!
2) The reason why I want to try this is purely because I have been looking for options to detox without having to stop consuming foods, and some of my friends reccomended me, so I thought it would be good to start after I am back from my trip (:
3) I just want an option to add-on (not minus) from my normal daily health/diet routine.

Okay I have been walking till my legs almost died everyday in Japan, but other than that, I honestly have not even exercised at all during the past 7-8 days.

And I..........


 and ate......

and ate...............

and today, I am not-so-proud to say that.....

I have gained 1.5kgs from my Japan trip T.T

So ya I believe I need some help from #SkinnyMint to see if it helps me to obtain a flatter tummy :D

I will be updating my progress in little square-bits (on my instagram :P) so do follow me on @aggylow for the updates :D

If not, see you here 28 days later after my entire tea-tox process! :D


P/s : Zzzzzz I regret using 3 cameras to take photographs on my trip because now I have 3000+ photos/video to edit T.T 
So give me some time, will definitely update and finish posting all entries on Japan within 2 weeks!