Event : SUMMER'S EVE SG - Let's Say Yes to Sexy!

Last Saturday, Chev and I went to this event by Summer's Eve Singapore
prior to the launch of their latest campaign, 

"Let's Say Yes to Sexy!"

The launch party was held at My CozyRoom Boutique Spa and can 
I say that place is beyond gorgeous?

Filled with faux florals and giving out a warmth and cosy vibe, this place is a must-come for ladies who wish to pamper themselves witha massage or facial… and a plus-point is that it is in town! :D YAYY!!

Oops hehehehe :P

We were also pampered with Laduree Macarons, yummy snacks from Antoinette and 
delicious Rose Tea during this launch party!

On to the launch itself - But first I must "warn" you all first. :D
This blog entry is about feminine hygiene.
So please keep an open mind as you read about this really fun-loving campaign!

If you don't already know, Summer's Eve is a trusted brand in feminine care that best understands, anticipates & meets women’s needs that originated from the USA since 1972. 
They carry a comprehensive line of clinically-proven safe and mild products ranging from feminine washes, wipes and deodorant sprays, to cleansing mist, douches and hydrating jelly to suit everyone's needs!

Through the launch of this campaign, Summer's Eve wish to raise more awareness and knowledge to every females in Singapore that as much as it is important to take care of your face and body, it is important as well to take care of our intimate areas, keeping it fresh and clean throughout the day!

The range of products that Summer's Eve carry are :

Summer's Eve Feminine Wash (Normal/Sensitive Skin)

I'm sure you all want to feel fresh, clean and confident throughout the day?
Use this product to help maintain good feminine health and hygiene by cleansing
your intimate area twice daily with Summer's Eve Feminine Wash!

Thoughts : I personally really like this because after using, 
it does not cause any irritation and indeeds keeps me
feeling fresh and great throughout the day.
With this, I'm pretty sure I am one big step AWAY from having 
any sort of yucky intimate areas infections! 

Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes

If you are always on the go and busy...there should also not be an excuse
to not take care of your intimate area! :D

Specially formulated to help you freshen up on-the-go, these cleansing wipes
are alcohol-free and allergy tested to help wipe away irritants that can
cause discomfort in our intimate areas! 
The best part is, they are individually packed so it's really hygienic and
safe for use even for pregnant ladies! 

Thoughts : I really adore the idea of having feminine wipes like these.
You girls know how bad it can get when we have our periods... the discomfort,
the self-consciousness and the "smell" that we sometimes don't mean to but
tend to have during our periods.....
These wipes come in handy at times like these and helps
freshen up when we change our sanitary pads, don't you think
it is a saviour and SUCH A GREAT IDEA? :D

Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist

Okay this mist is also another cool product that I really like!
It works like a facial mist, you know those that you spray in the
middle of the day to freshen up?

Summer's Eve have this sort of product now... for our intimate areas!
Just a spritz and feel fresh immediately!

Thoughts : Oh did I mention how small the bottle is so it's super bag-friendly 
and light-weight? :D

Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray

Acts the same way as a deodorant, this spray is formulated for our intimate
area to help keep any unwanted odour at bay!
Enriched with Neutresse to help neutralise odour quickly, it also
helps to sooth, protect and absorb moisture so you can stay fresh and
comfy all day! :D

Thoughts : I like that this products comes in two different scents (hehe) and that is is
talc free so it will not cause any irritation!

Summer's Eve Disposable Douches

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical when I heard about this
product because I understand that douches are products
that help cleanse the inner part of the vagina... 
but you have to insert itin in order to do so.

From the product introduction during the event, the marketing lady shared with
us that sometimes when we feel uncomfortable down there (unwanted discharge, post-menstrual discharge), we should use this cleanse to give the insides a little "wash" with these douches.
I like the idea that these douches are pre-mixed and pre-measured.
And yes, disposable - you can only use this once! :D

Thoughts : I might want to try this someday after my period ends!

The best part about ALL their products???
They are gynaecologist tested, allergy tested, pH-balanced and proven professional care!!

So ladies!
Are you sold yet??
Or rather, are you now more aware of how important it is to have 
specific products instead of our normal body soap/powder to take care of 
your intimate areas and needs?

I'm sure you would want to feel sexy and confident - from inside out right?
I'm sure you don't want to have any yucky infections/unwanted smell and you want to feel fresh, clean and great all day right??? :D

If you still are quite skeptical about this, HOW ABOUT TRY THIS PRODUCT FIRST BY REDEEMING A FREE SAMPLE OF THIS??

It's easy! 
Just click onto this link : http://www.summerseve.com.sg/sample.php

Go on, let's all join the #SAYYESTOSEXY campaign and start feeling good and sexy about ourselves, INSIDE and OUT :D

Thank you for having us, My CozyRoom Boutique Spa!

And a huge THANK YOU to SUMMER'S EVE for organising
such a fun-filled event and also for launching this amazing campaign
to help raise awareness for female intimate hygiene in Sunny Singapore! :D

Thank you for reading! :D