[FREE GIVEAWAY] + EMERALD ALLURE - Grand New Opening at Roxy Square II

Hi all!

I am more than happy to announce that my eyelashes sponsor, Emerald Allure , has
opened their new shop/studio at Roxy Square II!
I was very honoured to be invited to their opening party to see the newly opened space and of course,
to enjoy the lovely tea session Elayne has prepared for everyone :D

Let's take a little virtual tour inside....

Hehe I didn't dare to put my feet in because the sink looks so new and white and shiny hahaha

Fresh blooms for congratulations (:

 Omg so cute you don't even want to eat it!


With the pretty lady boss, Elayne!
Congrats once again (:



Just to do an update, Emerald Allure recently have a new type of brown lashes that looks
even more natural than the one I have done before.

Elayne very nicely suggested for me to do that and this time round we opted for a
shorter length for a more natural look.

So natural but looks superb right??
I always wear brown eyeliner so the colour of the lashes is perfect for me!

If you are keen, do forward your enquiries to Emerald Allure .

Update : There is no more promotional price of $20, now the pricing
is $58 for 100 to 110 strands and $0.60 per strand.

But..... QUOTE [AGGYLOW]  TO GET 10% OFF! :D

Also, I forgot to share that one of their best-selling product

What is it?

It is a soap made for ALL SKIN TYPES/AGE/GENDER.
And safe to use for all areas - face, skin and ever HAIR!

Okay long story cut short - it is an organic soap, that is why! :D
Made in Japan, each piece of soap takes 100 days to make and is made by hand.

Natural ingredients only which includes : HONEY, PSEUDO GINSENG LEAVES & STEM

All the good stuff literally!
Honey has tooooo many benefits and Pseudo Ginseng helps to prevents specks and freckles!


(Yes my eyelashes are from Emerald Allure  :D)

Pricing : S$15
A piece can last up to a month or two, and Imo it's pretty worth it!
Yay to clear skin, with a product free from parabens and weird chemicals in it :P

In the meantime, there is a GIVEAWAY happening in collaboration with Emerald Allure
over at my Instagram! :D

Find this photo on my IG feed and find out how and what is to be won!! :D

Thank you once again, Emerald Allure :-*


If you want pretty lashes/nails/bridal makeup, how about checking Emerald Allure out?
They have nothing but impressed customers and good reviews, as all seen on their fb page!

Also, do remember to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for
sneak previews + juicy updates!

INSTAGRAM: @emerald.allure | https://instagram.com/emerald.allure

Thank you for reading (:

With love,