aggylow : 3Ways - Ending Summer with a BANG!

Hi all!

I am very happy to share that the latest episode aggylow : 3Ways - Ending Summer with a BANG! has been launched!

We all ADORE SUMMER, don't we?
So of course we want to dress our best during this time of the year and flaunt what we've got - till the very end of it!!

I have done some minor changes to my video; like a changed cover title image, no narrations and also featuring of not one but many different items in one single video for more variety and lesser limitations.

How do you like it? :D

I will see how this goes and occasionally I will still feature items from blogshops.

I do take in requests (if you have any!) and also open to working opportunities!
Email me for more info ;)

I really hope that you will enjoy this one and my experimentation!

Please leave me any constructive feedbacks, suggestions or comments or even questions on my or even my instagram, or you can also choose to forward me your questions
via email!

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Thank you so much for reading/ watching :D

Agnes Low

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