I was experimenting with makeup the other day and posted a photo on my instagram which received quite a number of requests from there to do a makeup tutorial on the k-inspired look.

Do check it out as it is pretty easy to do and yes K-pop's the craze now! 

 Special thanks to SANA Singapore; they sent me the MAIKO-HAN SERIES PRODUCTS to try and I am so so glad that I am able to incorporate them into my makeup tutorial this time!


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The Maiko-Han makeup series from Sana incorporates traditional and modern factors when creating their products.

It is a cosmetic brand that celebrates a lady's nobleness and the adorableness of a girl.

Photo from http://www.sana.jp/
"A Maiko is an apprentice geiko (not exactly same as geisha) in Kyoto, western Japan.
Their jobs consist of performing songs, dances, and playing the shamisen or the koto (traditional Japanese instruments) for visitors during feasts. "
- from Google search

In my personal opinion, a Maiko is pretty and sweet, has a porcelain doll-looking face.
She has to stay pretty all the time for long hours as she is a performer.


Maiko-Han keeps two of their promises in mind when coming up with their products.
Firstly is to have a product that is long-lasting and stays on beautifully even after a long day.
(Just like the makeup of a Maiko!)

Secondly, their products contain moisturising ingredients such as the cherry blossom essence which is the key to flawless-looking and dewy skin!


Let's talk about their products..

First up : The Maiko-Han Makeup Base in Sheer Pink 

This product helps brighten the skin without dullness.

In cherry blossoms colour suitable for all skin tone, it helps to create a healthier and more feminine-looking skin with cherry pink colour pearls and a natural adorable finish with silk powder's covering properties!

Also, it is long-lasting, oil & waterproof (ooh lala!) and moisturises our skin preventing dryness the entire day!

It acts as a Serum + Makeup Base + Concealer + UV protector!
Imagine all the goodness sealed inside this little pink tube! :D


Next : The Maiko-Han Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black

Formulated to enhance and complement our eye makeup, this eyeliner creates beautiful thin OR thick bold black lines to accentuate our eyes for a lovely animated look.

With properties like waterproof and smudgeproof, I must say I am super impressed with this eyeliner!

The best part?

It can be used in two different ways!

Wear your eyeliner THICK or THIN with this eyeliner pen!



Lines drawn by the two different sides respectively.

I wore it for the entire day and it stayed on so so well without making me look like a panda (like my other black eyeliners do) by the end of the day!
Super impressed with this one!
[Would be elated if they could produce a brown one!]

Lastly : The Maiko-Han Face Powder in Sheer Pink/Sheer Beige

When I opened the cover, I literally went "Whoa..."

This product is of a unique silk formula that helps to brighten our skin and conceals all pores!
It is made up of compound powder wrapped up with serum which melts at body temperature.
(Super amazing right???)

Also with oil-proof and water-proof properties, it moisturises the skin too, making it last an entire day!

Oh not forgetting the super cool FLEXIBLE NET!


It "bounces" and "stretches" when you push it down, so you can get the right amount of powder onto the puff to prevent from taking too much product onto the puff as too much powder can cause uneven and splotchy makeup!

Yay to beautiful and flawless-looking face with fabulous makeup that last throughout the day! :D


For application how-to(s), please check out the makeup tutorial above or check it out at

The lovely Maiko-han products are exclusively for sale at all SASA outlets in Singapore!

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Website | http://www.sana.jp/
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Instagram | @SanaSGP


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