"Upgrading" my hair with Artica Hair Studio + New collection at TACT Singapore + NEWS TO SHARE!

So did I ever mention that I LOOOOOVEEEEE gray locks?
Okay maybe I've never.

It was too big a step for me to try to dye my entire head gray.
I mean..seriously I don't think I can EVER pull that off.

So I was browsing some photos and realised how much my brown hair is just.... boring. :(

But I hate red, it doesn't suit me.
Colours might be too bright for me 
(i.e. remember my purple locks?? I kinda think that my students' parents don't like them... :( )
Black makes me look old.

So I'm left with brown.

But not the entire head of course.

Juno had this idea of using this new technique called the "Ecaille" or "Tortoiseshell" technique
to incorporate grays into my usual brown.

But honestly when I was googling around, I was pretty skeptical at first thinking about brown + gray as Ecaille works more on blondes and browns.

So....gray + brown?

But of course, I should never doubt a professional, so I left my head in his good hands. 
(Ok this sounds pretty gory.. hahaha! Hair la!)

Juno started off with applying Olaplex Hair Treatment for me before bleaching.
This helps to strengthen my hair so it will not be so brittle after all that harsh colouring!

Request for Olaplex treatment before bleaching to protect your locks.
Priced at $50.

And here we go~~~~~

My "Oh hell yeah I'm ready to sit here for 6hours" face HAHAHA


HAHAHA I know I look stupid...
No choice!
The wrapped up parts are those that were bleached! :D

I can have Johnny Bravo hair for a day (Y)

So after everything, I realised I literally sat there for 6 hours.
I fell asleep I think twice or thrice...hahaha!
But for pretty hair it is worth it! :D

Look at that colour!

Juno proud of his own work and taking snaps... xD

Final touches!


Yayy to pretty hair by the talented Juno! :D

So apparently must take lots of good photos after that right?!

This one I must admit... #ACTYIGE hair toss #fail hahahahha

A closer look at the tones and colours (:

I don't mean to boast, but really very very pretty, don't you agree?
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have this shade of beautiful matt ash brown hair with subtle gray streaks... 

Even if you don't like this....


So many of you might question;

What colour does it fades to?
The brown will remain but the gray will eventually fade to blonde 
and it will still look pretty like highlights! :D

What can I do to make the colour last longer?
I know nuts about colour maintenance trust me but Juno introduced this shampoo to me. 
(photo below)
You will have to keep the lather on in your hair for as long as you can upon shampooing so that the colour can "take in" the shampoo to delay colour fading!

And yes, to fight against brittle hair, Juno also recommended Np3 hair treatment for me to use at home!

Currently they are having a promotion :

Do call them up to check for more info!


Had a little photoshoot the next day and the colour just makes the entire look of mine really dreamy...I like! :D

Thank you once again, Artica Hair Studio.
You never fail to impress! :D


14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-64
Singapore 228213

+65 6836 2891


Monday: CLOSED 
Tuesday - Friday: 11.30am - 9.00pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 11.30am - 8.00pm


New collection launched : E A S Y

We have very limited stocks for this collection as items are of better quality!
My favourites?
Definitely the white pleated skorts and the off-shoulder top! :D

Have tons of exciting plans coming up, but will only update people on our mailing list first-hand as
we are still working on settling everything.

Psst... we might even have a launch party so if you are part of our mailing list, you get a higher chance of being invited! :D

Head on over to view our latest collection now!


Okay one last piece of news before I go.

I will be more active in blogging and you can expect up to 2 or even 3 updates from me in a week!

Also, I will be having a whole new change on my YouTube channel;
Videos are now categorised differently and you can expect me to launch a new video on a weekly basis - I will still be doing what I have been doing, but now you can expect even more like fun vlogs, how-tos, my favourites and even blooper videos!

Can't wait?
Subscribe to me now on YouTube then! :D


Thank you all so much for reading! 
A real happy Saturday for me as the hubby is baaaaack! :D
Time to snuggle~~~~

Have a great one too everyone! 

Agnes (:

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