Sana Singapore's latest range of products! [ADV]

Last week, I was greeted with a huge package full of beauty products from Sana Singapore!

This time, it is featuring MSH-LABO's products!

It was such a fun video to do and the products really lived up to their promises!

Here's another one : 

Featuring the Time Secret Series products as well as the LoveLiner in Brown!

This time round, Sana Singapore not only sent me MSH-LABO's makeup products, I was also sent Sana's latest skincare series, the "HOT and COLD BEAUTY"!

Making use of temperature change to make skin beautiful, the Hot & Cold beauty series features the Heat Cleansing (Gel form - HOT ) and Skin Sorbet ( Light cream texture - COLD).

Both products consist of 3 main ingredients - Ginger, Artichoke as well as Collagen.

Ginger has so many good properties especially for the skin; one of it is that it helps to reduce inflammation and is packed with so much essential oils!

Artichoke helps improve skin texture and nourishes our skin cells. It also helps to get rid of wrinkles and blemishes for a smooth and youthful appearance!

Collagen - this one needs to introduction; I'm pretty sure you all know how much it helps the skin. 
Collagen helps to keep our skin young with firm and elasticity.

How to use?

Step 1 : Cleanse your face with the Heat Cleansing.
It helps to cleanse clogged pores using the hot towel effect.
The thick gel texture has a skin-warming effect that helps keep our skin smooth and supple.
Firmly absorbing makeup and sebum dirt, it helps refreshes our face upon washing it off.

Don't worry, it is very safe and in fact has a really nice gentle warming effect on the skin; it doesn't burn!

My thoughts :

Product/texture - I really like how it gives me the "sauna" / "spa" effect when I wash my face.
I feel that it does help to promote blood circulation too, which is also a pretty good two-in-one product!
Love it! (:

Scent - It has a ginger scent to it; so if you are a fan of ginger, you will like it! Like it do haha!

How to use?

Step 2 : After cleansing your face with Heat Cleansing, apply the Skin Sorbet.

Having 5-in-1 features, as a face lotion, emulsion, serum, cream and facial mask, this product promises to tighten your skin and pores after the heat cleansing.
Cool and smooth to touch, it has a very light cream consistency that absorbs into the skin readily!
It can be used at night before you turn in or even under makeup in the day!

My thoughts :

Product/texture - After a round of heat cleansing, cooling your skin down definitely helps to make the entire process really soothing and enjoyable. I am so into the texture of this skin sorbet because it does feel so so light on the skin!

Scent - It also has a ginger scent to it, but stronger! 


Now on to makeup!

I love eyeliners.
I love how they can make such a huge difference in helping us achieve different looks in our everyday lives.

Introducing : Love Liner Pencil (Extra smooth) - Brown / Black!

With beauty essence (Ceramide/Panthenol/Camomile Extracts/Silk Powder), this eyeliner promises long-lasting make-up application and it is also waterproof!

Bid panda eyes goodbye! (:

It also features a super smooth lead pencil that allows us to draw very near to our lash lines as well as vivid colouring which helps brighten up the look of our eyes.

Guess what is the best part of this eyeliner?

There is a sharpener located INSIDE of the cap which allows you to sharpen it after each use, once you turn to screw the cap up tightly!
I was so amazed by this thoughtful technical concept that Sana included in this eyeliner!

How to use?

For beginners, draw a line firmly along roots of eyelashes by filling in gap.
For advanced users, for a finishing touch, fill the gap of the inner corners of your eyes. 
Line the outer corner of your eyes and extend it upwards or downwards depending on the effect you would like to achieve.

My thoughts :

Product/texture - It really lives up to it's promises of being waterproof and I LOVE THE BROWN COLOUR! It suits my eyes so so well (wearing black makes me look too fierce so I have to wear brown liners all the time) and the liner glides onto my eyes so smoothly you wouldn't believe till you try!


Next : Time Secret Mineral Base Extra Smooth Matte SPF 23 PA ++ 
and Time Secret Mineral UV Pressed Powder Light SPF 50+ PA++

Time Secret Mineral Base Extra Smooth Matte SPF 23 PA++
(Matt Pink 01)

This is a base makeup that promises to hold for 24hrs and last you beautifully!

It is said to have excellent pore and wrinkle coverage with its smoothing powder that penetrates into the roughness of wrinkles and pores, diffusing the light for a brighter-looking skin!
Suppressing extra sebum and preventing your makeup from deteriorating throughout the day, it has a 3D Lift up gel that brightens the skin and absorbs sebum. This makeup base also stretches with your skin and movement to prevent creases and cracks!

With aging care ingredients included to moisturise skin such as apple fruits cell culture extracts, vitamin C derivative, grape cell extracts and moringa seed oil, it comes in two shades, Matt Pink as well as Matt Ochre!

So much goodness packed into one little tube!

Let's give it a go! (:

Consistency is extremely spreadable and it dissolves into a really lovely light powder form!
I love how smooth my skin looks after application!

I had my makeup on the entire day, and yes it lasted me throughout my shoot.
I thought Matt Pink was a little too fair for me though.
Would love to try Matt Ochre in future!

Overall, kudos to this product! (:


Time Secret Mineral UV Pressed Powder Light SPF 50+ PA++
(Light Ochre 01)

When I see/hear this word - MINERAL, I tend to go gaga over that product.

Mineral makeup does not contain the emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients found in other formulations and are usually preservative-free.
They are suitable for sensitive skin (like mine!), causes less irritations and are often also fragrance-free!

With aging care ingredients included to moisturise skin such as apple fruits cell culture extracts, vitamin C derivative, hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronate sodium, it comes in 2 shades as well - Natural Ochre and Light Ochre.

With sebum absorbing powder that helps keep your makeup longer lasting, it is strong against sweat and sebum and it also has a high UV protection of SPF50 PA++ to help protect our skin against sunburn, spots and sagging!

It is recommended to be used after makeup base and for touch-ups!

I have been using a certain brand of pressed powder but it has been making my skin look cakey after touching up.
I chose to stick to it because I am not able to find a better product.
With this product, trust me when I say, it is my HOLYGRAIL as of now and I am never going back to cakey pressed powders!

Woohoo! (:


In conjunction with this post on the introduction of these amazing products, I have done up a makeup tutorial on my (updated) everyday makeup with these products.

Watch it if you haven't; I hope that it can give you all some sort of inspiration!


This was what happened behind the scenes of every blogger's beautiful flatlay.

Trust me.
It is..messy as hell actually. xD

Thank you all for reading! 

Agnes (:

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