Ginza Yoshihiro - Media Food Tasting

Just last weekend, the hubby and I had the opportunity to head to Ginza Yoshihiro at Marina Mandarin to try some authentic Japanese food.
We left the restaurant in awe about this meal as it was indeed the best that we have ever tried of all the Japanese cuisine in our entire lives.

Yes no kidding; even better than those that we have tried in Japan!

Situated at the 4th level of Marina Mandarin Hotel, Ginza Yoshihiro hails all the way from Tokyo with 30 years of history.
They offer authentic Japanese cuisine which features selected seafood in season.

Apart from dining, Ginza Yoshihiro offers Tomi, Sake and Soju that are imported directly from Japan which are not available in Singapore. 

I was told by the waitress (dressed in lovely Japanese costume) that we will be trying their exquisite 7-course fine-dining menu.

We were told that there were 3 options available: 
The Oden Gozen ($128)
Kikyou ($158) 
Botan ($188)

We tried Kikyou, which consisted of some cold-dishes/appetizers, 5 different kinds of sashimi, Ginza Yoshihiro's signature Oden, Kurobuta Shabu, Yakimono (Cod fish), Seasonal sushi as well as fruit dessert.

This man pictured above is Chef Nishioka who is main chef of Ginza Yoshihiro Singapore.
He was a former chief sushi chef at Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands, where he served fresh seafood sourced from all over the world, masterfully decorated and served on ice.

Ginza Yoshihiro has been passed down to the second generation.
In Tokyo Japan, Ginza Yoshihiro is managed by Chef Nishioka's brother, where they are well-recognised for serving fresh prawns and seasonal vegetables as well as their succulent tendon.

Cold dishes/Appetizers

5 different types of Sashmi

This was the dish that made me go.... WOW.
Never in my entire life I appreciated sashimi till this very day.
The seafood so fresh that you literally taste the water it was in.... xD

We also had a taste of their Yuzu sake and I must say, goes so so well with this meal!

In the next photo; something that I really want to talk about.


Oden is a homemade soup that is Ginza Yoshihiro's specialty.
It is generally a winter dish in Japan which varies by region. 
For Ginza Yoshihiro's version of Oden, they carefully and wisely chose the ingredients accordingly to  create a unique flavour. 
It was so popular among the patrons that it was featured on Japan TV for more than 15 times!

To be honest, it looks simple, but I have never ever tasted something with such a distinctive flavour I can even remember as I type this.
It is not extremely flavourful on first taste but the after taste was sweet and heavenly!

Specially imported tomatoes all the way from Japan soaked in this lovely bowl of Oden!
Really interesting dish! 

Kurobuta Shabu up next!

Sweet, yet savoury with such a unique taste.

The extremely cheerful Chef Nishioka!


When we were there, we can really feel the passion that drives this man to keep going.
His appreciation for authentic and fine Japanese cuisine gives this restaurant its character and identity.

From the way he delicately slices each sashimi, carefully making sure they are of equal sizes for serving purposes, to tasting the Oden a couple of times throughout our dining experience to make sure it doesn't taste too salty or bland.... these little actions I observed just says so much about how
he really wants his guests to enjoy the finer details in life, or I would say, food.

Japanese guest enjoying a chat with the chef.

Another one of my favourite, the grilled cod fish.
The meat was so fresh and juicy I was actually hoping I could get another piece.
It was crispy on the outside but the meat simply melts with every bite.
My 2nd favourite dish!

This is another chef that helps to prepare food served to guest.
He was preparing our second last course - sushi.

We did not manage to take much photos of the sushi as we were told to eat our sushi within 20secs from when it is served.

I remembered having tuna belly, sea urchin and I think flounder.

Hand-roll sushi : Tuna

Last course : Dessert - grape, melon, persimmon.
What a sweet ending (:

My take?
I would definitely visit again.

This little restaurant has so much to offer and the people there are really friendly and nice too!
We had such a pleasant and enjoyable experience on top of the magnificent dining experience.

If you are craving for some REAL AUTHENTIC japanese food, please, do give Ginza Yoshihiro a try.
You will be thankful that I shared about this place (seriously!) because if you have never tried them, you have never tried some serious Japanese cuisine.

Thank you so much for hosting and having us, Ginza Yoshihiro!

Ginza Yoshihiro Singapore
Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles Boulevard #04-600 Singapore 039594

Opening hours :
11.30am to 2.30pm
6 to 10pm (restaurant on weekdays)
Bar: 4.30pm – 1am (Sun – Thurs)
4.30pm – 2am (Fri – Sat)

Tel: +65 6734 8842

Thank you for reading!


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