Updated 10/12/2015 :

Hey hey!
This is the final favourites video I will upload for this year as I will be overwhelmed with work (and play hahaha) till next year february T.T



Posted : 9th December 2015 1.24am 

Feeling sort of moodless lately...

It's like there's too much to do I feel exhausted.

Sometimes it bothers me so so much between doing the right things or doing things that makes myself happy.

Like a job, or being in some sort of a weird friendship/relationship, or agreeing to certain things.

I mean, sometimes, don't you find too much of a something is just suffocating and exhausting?
I don't want to be too clear about what I'm saying here, so please pardon me if you are getting confused reading this haha..

But okay, I should stop being too nice and say okay to anything.
Because it doesn't always pay to be nice.

I guess I need to set some things straight before kick-starting 2016.


Anyway, Seletar area is really super photogenic!


Impromptu flying to BKK 19/12 for work.

Read the news on ISIS, hopefully nothing will happen la *touchwood*

I love this fat boy so much but he's so lazy.
It was raining outside just now and he just decided against going for his usual walk, circled around the table and plop down on the floor for another nap.

Oh well... :O


Thanks for reading this really short/whiny post.

Thank you all for always being here reading this; 
I may not know you personally but thank you for the views and constant support 


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