Express, expressions?

I've never been the sort of person that can express myself really well.
Sometimes I end up saying things I don't really mean and unintentionally hurting people around me, and I've learnt that sometimes saying too much is not such a good thing afterall.

Just something random..

I've been so crazy busy recently I honestly feel bad for the hubs and Cookie.
I was so stressed last week to the point when I got home and when Cookie jumped on me and licked me, I cried. 
Yes like wailed out loud kind of crying..

 I told myself to stop being so hard on myself after this whole launch and I really do need to set things straight and work out a proper schedule and fix some "family" time.

Speaking of which...

Actually many of you have been asking me this same question over and over...
"When are you getting pregnant?!?"

Honestly... it scares me so much to think about motherhood.

I honestly do not think I will make a great mum.
At this point of my life I guess I'm still really selfish and there's just no way I wish to give up my figure/freedom/happiness to a commitment that is going to last me a lifetime.

But sometimes seeing baby photos/shows make me itch.... how? :(

The husband and I discussed about getting me pregs by this year end... but...
we shall see how ba :P


As you all know... I've been so crazy busy right..
So busy I put a stop to EVERYTHING; even meeting up with my friends!
(Yes I'm a workaholic)

I've been so so busy with the launch party that's why :(

Regarding the launch this Saturday, if some of you are still curious as to 
"What is this launch all about?!?"

Okay in October 2015, the husband and I decided to go ahead with my "all-time-dream" to start up an online boutique.

So... TACT Singapore was born!

After a few months of working on experimenting with different styles and designs, we decided to jump into the manufacturing bandwagon and do our own designs instead..

And so...

I'm here to introduce :

[ S L A T E by TACT ]

S L A T E by TACT is a self-designed capsule series that we aim to launch over a period of a year in 4 different series.
Each and every design has been carefully crafted and inspected over and over again to ensure the best quality in fabric and workmanship.

In these series, you can expect our pieces to be launched in monochromatic colours, notably timeless in design and extremely individualistic.
So this launch party is to celebrate the birth of  [ S L A T E by TACT ], which I am so happy to announce that it will be at Churro101 at Bugis+!
(All thanks to the pretty ladyboss  hehe)
Those of you invited, I'm so excited to meet you!
Those of you who wish to pop by to say hi, please do so!
Yay finally all the hard work I'm been doing is about to be paid off!
Super looking forward to 16/1/2015.


  1. Cute dog and I love the photos with your boyfriend here, it's such a cute and sweet couple. And this is my first time to visit your blog. Nice to meet you :)