Looking back 2015...Hello 2016

I can't help but think 2015 passed too quickly.

So many things happened this year; some hurts at the thought of it, some makes me happy.


I gave up almost half of my day-job to support my passion that was set up in October 2015 (TACT Singapore that is), and I really hope that it will be worth it.

So excited about the plans ahead but at the same time, I feel so tired - there's too much to do.

I won't give up. 
I won't.

Reality hit me so hard this time round because there is just so much to do within a span of 2 weeks.
Sigh, I'm really trying to keep everything together.

2015 hasn't been too good to me.

Received one or two bad news, the most shocking one - the passing of my granny.
Even the last day of the year while in Korea, I was down with stomach flu.

I could cry all day and be sad about it but the good (or bad?) thing about me is I always try to turn things around but thinking positively or trying other ways to make things work.

I need to keep smiling, right?

Watched "Inside Out" while on the flight to Korea and it hit me so hard.
One must know sadness to know what is real happiness.

I've grown so much to know it all.
And of all, I choose happy - I will be (:

Thank you all the PR relations co and the sponsors for your believing in me.
It has been a fruitful year of project collaborations and I have had so so many wonderful opportunities.
Looking forward to an even better new year! :D


2016 : New year, new hopes?

Let's set some new year resolutions here.
Okay maybe just some "reminders" and goals, less cheesy stuffs. :D

1) Learn how to prioritise things properly.
I admit - I am super bad at this.
A simple example would be unpacking my luggage.
I can jump from doing one thing to the next without completing a single one and everything piles up.
I need to learn how to start things right and end things properly.

2) Work on my time management.
I think people close to me will be so thankful this is on this list.
Okay yes, I promise to work on this.

3) I do not need to be perfect, just be happy.
I have been trying to pursue perfection all my life and yes, it's time to stop.
Stop fantasising on how I should look but focus on doing things that keeps me happy.

4) Learn new things.
A new language?
A new instrument?

5) Travel, again!

6) Always put in effort in the things I love to do, do it with pride.
I HAVE to make this work!

7) Cherish the ones I love.
I used to care too much about naysayers or what people think about me.
I honestly am too busy to bother now, and I should learn to only bother about those that matters to me.


To all of you that have been reading this space, thank you so so much.
I might not know all of you personally but the readership means so much to me, and I can't thank you all more than enough.

I promise to create more fun, interesting and all original/real content moving forth.

Love all of you!

Stay tuned for my upcoming videos/blog entries on my korea trip! 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Jia You Aggy! Arugh reading your post reminds me that my NY resolution post is still sitting in the draft >.<

    1. Thank you my dear!! <3 hehe cant wait to see you!!!