LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare - The Most Luxurious Skincare Brand Available Only in Japan!

Remember I posted a photo on my instagram about a skincare range from Lumine Japan?

After trying these products for about 3 weeks now, I finally am able to share a little bit more about them to you!

LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare is an original series of premium facial care product that aims at delivering 3 major benefits to the users:

1) Featuring  a patented 3D face sculpting technology this entire series of LUMINE 3D skincare is produced with a nano-molecular structuring technology that enable fast absorption to the deepest skin hypdermis layer (Note : most skincare can only reach only to epidermis or dermis layers), stimulate existing facial muscles to become firmer, sharper and more dimensional!
This unique skincare technology can help naturally shape facial features  -
think deeper eye set, higher cheeks, sharper nose bridge and toned jaw lines and reduced double chin.
(Oh my goodness I better be religious in using these babies!)

 2) They use a wide variety of skin-loving ingredients like many precious botanical and herbal natural-originated ingredients as well as Salmon Ikura, which is secretly known for more than 200 years only amongst the social high society in Japan for its high placenta-like skin healing abilities!

3) All products are highly concentrated; they are thick to touch only requires a small amount to works its magic! All the products in this series is so natural and concentrated that users can at first identify the ikura by its smell but it quickly disappears soon after it has been completely absorbed into the skin!

The entire range of LUMINE 3D Skincare does not contain any artificial chemical, coloring, fragrance and even preservatives -  they are completely natural and is strongly recommended by the beauty experts from Japan-West Cosmetic Industry Association!

Speak about goodness! :D

After using LUMINE products (Bare-faced)

For review purposes, I was sent LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare's :
- Hydrating Facial Cleanser, 110ml
- Skin Balancing Lotion Water, 130ml
- Rich Emollient Moisturizer, 30g
- Advanced Anti-aging Skin Repair Essence, 30ml
- Beauty Whitening Essence, 30ml

For my dull-looking skin, I was recommended to use their Hydrating Facial Cleanser twice a day.

It has a paste-like texture to it, with a mild floral scent.

Let's see how it works for me!

Before using : Dull, uneven skintone, tired-looking skin

After using : Brighter-looking skin, skintone looks more even and smooth to touch!


Their Skin Balancing Lotion Water also helps to fix my sensitive skin problems that happens time to time, reducing redness and soothing the dry areas of my skin!

It is nicely sealed to for hygiene purposes.

Before using : Slight dry patches, redness

After using : No more redness, skin is also smoother and I feel more confident!


Although I am currently not facing problems like sagging skin, pigmentation or double chin, I am recommended to use their Beauty Whitening Essence and Rich Emollient Moisturizer - well, prevention is always better than cure!

I really like the pump bottle and that not a lot of the product comes out with each pump so you can control the amount you need better!

I am not a fan of it's smell but it quicky disappears as it dries off!

It really has a very "gao" (rich) texture to it!
Would recommend you to use a spatula to get the product out! 

But I did notice a difference in using these products especially on my cheek area!
Skin tone looks more even and cheeks are... fuller :P
(But honestly...I have VERY FULL cheeks to start with hahaha)


The last one I'm most excited to talk about is fixing my dark eye circles, eye bags and to brighten my eye area!

To do so, using of LUMINE's Advanced Anti-aging Skin Repair Essence + Rich Emollient Moisturizer is recommended (night time use) to help create deeper set eyes and also the removal of crow wrinkles (yikessss).

It has a very light texture to it.
This clear liquid has no scent to it.

Before using : Very obvious fine lines around my eyes

After using : Fine lines are lightened and eye area seems brighter


After trying these products, all I can say is, HOW IN LOVE I REALLY AM WITH LUMINE!
Natural and so nourishing for the skin, it is seriously a good range of affordable luxury product; not to mention how their packaging are of such high quality and every single one of these products are effective (to me at least!), simple and enjoyable to use!

And out of all, my favourite has got to be.......







Their Skin Balancing Lotion that I depend on to reduce my skin sensitivity as well as unsightly redness!
The light texture is also perfect for my skin and suitable for everyday use! :D
After a week of using these products, I feel so much more confident and makeup goes on so much better on my face!
Just over the weekends I spammed so much selfies while out with the mini-family! :D

Yay for LUMINE!
Thank you so so so much for sending me these products, they are seriously an eye-opener and I am never looking back!
Kudos to healthy and happy skin for a quarter-life crisis me :P


To shop for their high quality, AUTHENTIC and afforable full sized products, head on over to :

I've browsed through and they have nothing but customers singing praises and reviews for their service and products!

So go on, shop away!

Thank you for reading 


P/s : Review is solely by my own opinions and thoughts; reader discretion is advised.

Products c/o : LUMINE Japan


  1. AGGYYYY! I've finally made it to your blog :) These products all look great- I have always thought you have the most beautiful luminious skin! Your cheek bones look incredible. I should invest in some of this to get rid of my fine lines

    Rachel xx

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    2. Thank you love! you are so amazing yourself!

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