Lookbook : "Against the wind, against it all;" - Punggol Lalang Field Photoshoot

Finally, our turn at the legendary Punggol Lalang field.

Truth to be told, you can't really call it a field, it's more like patches of lalangs here and there...
or maybe too many people come here over the years and it has been reduced to a pretty bad state. :/

We were still lucky to be able to snap some decent shots.


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Accessories : Lovisa.au

Photography by Alex C.


What happens behind-the-scenes is far from glamorous.
Check it out

Punggol Lalang field is located at Punggol Waterway.
It is pretty inaccessible so it's better to drive there.

I have no idea how to describe to you to get into the part with all the lalangs, but please make your way to the famous sunrise bridge, take the spiral staircase down and turn left, walk about a metre or two and you can literally see a little "man-made" walking track in - follow that path and it will lead you to the lalang field.

I was really disappointed when I was there, so please do not have such high expectations too. :P

Thank you for reading!



  1. You look amazing in those pictures, and this all white outfit is so romantic!
    ( PS : I looooved the funny GIF at the end, we all have this kind of pictures aha XD)

    Kisses from Belgium ♥

    1. Thank you Cath! you are so amazing yourself!

      Thanks for dropping by :D