Happy 4th Baby ♥


Thank you for puking the first time you saw me, making me feel obliged to take you home :D
Thank you for always being cooperative throughout your growing up, learning how to pee/poo the right way and loving the home we gave you.
Thank you for trying your best to hold your bladder and only pee/poo when we take you out for walks as you don't like to do it at your toilet at home to keep it clean.
Thank you for letting us trust you with the entire home even when you are left alone at home.
Thank you for making us look forward to head home to see you, silly boy.
Thank you for jumping on us and showering us with kisses when we get home telling us you love us the same no matter how long we leave you at home for.
Thank you for being strong, for never really giving us problems except for being too excited when you see food, but that's just you being you, and we understand.

Thank you for being so perfect for us, and we are still trying our best to be perfect for you.
We will always love you, Cookie baby.

Happy 4th birthday ♥


Cookie growing up :


Cookie heads to Sentosa!

Love to see him so happy like this! 


Happy birthday again, precious  ♥

We will always love you.


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