Review : The Soy Effect ft Sana Namerakahonpo Cleansing Mousse + Namerakahonpo Cleansing Milk!

Are you a fan of Soymilk???

I AM!!!!

As the NO.1 in soymilk skincare market, the Sana Namerakahonpo series targets ladies in their twenties and thirties with busy schedules and also for those who are in love with skin-loving ingredients!

One of the ingredients in this series that our skin will definitely love is Isoflavones.

What is that?

Quote from google :

"Soy-derived ingredients are increasingly found in skin care products, usually as genistein, a soy isoflavone. There are good reasons why some moisturizers and night creams include soy isoflavones: they brighten the skin, decrease redness, boost collagen production and improve skin tone. These soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens (albeit weak ones) and anti-oxidants, which is why they are popular ingredients in skin care products..."

(200ml $17.90)

With moisterising ingredients including Isoflavone that is made from soymilk, this product gives me soft and supple skin after washing.

I'm not kidding when I say it cleanses really well!
After washing my face with this foamy cleanser, my skin does feel reaaaaally clean but not those dry and tight feeling unlike some facial cleansers.

The foam gentle melts into the skin after lathering and washes off cleanly without any residue.

Sana has been extremely strict about their foam quality making sure it spells comfort for their users.
The fluffy foam made of soymilk should feel good on the skin and lathers well.

Indeed, it is EXTREMELY FOAMY, very fluffy and comfy as I spread it on my face.
Texture of foam is fine and with the combination of fatty acid soap and amino acid-based active agent, it ensures a resilient formula that foams up and goes onto our face as it is (some foamy cleansers disintegrate in your hands before it even goes onto our face!).

With a simple push, the foam comes out and we can directly spread it on face, unlike traditional facial cleansers which we have to spend some time lathering before we can rinse it off.

Estimated time of use is just 34 seconds, including rinsing the product off properly!
Saving time, giving us soft supple and moisterised skin, this product is the enhancement of their cleansing foam items in the Namerakahonpo series!



(200ml $19.90)

When I talk to my friends about makeup removers, I get all excited when Cleansing Milk is mentioned.

Unlike our regular cleansing oil and waters, cleansing milks have the ability to remove oil-soluble impurities.
As it is usually formulated with all natural or organic seed oils as well as natural herb extracts, it does not dry out our skin like harsh chemicals do and in fact with constant use, our skin will become smoother and more radiant!

Gently absorbed into our skin with its milky texture, it ensures our makeup can be removed smoothly without all the harsh tugging and rubbing that can cause pre-mature wrinkles on our skin!

With no fragrance and artificial colorant, this product targets ladies who want to remove their makeup without straining their skin as well as those who are concerned about skin tightness and pore impurities after cleansing.

A little goes a long long way!
As I mentioned just now, I've been so in love with milk cleansers, and of course, I fell in love with this too.
Giving me soft and supple skin after removing my makeup, I double-cleanse with the Namerakahonpo Cleansing Mousse and hola clean and bright skin! :D
I use both products during bath time as they work well with wet hands too! (:

Enough of ranting....
Let's put it to test, shall we? ;)

I had some makeup on my hand as I was doing some swatches.

2) Spread it gently on your skin.. 

3) After a few rounds of spreading the cleansing milk on the eyeshadow... 

4) Rinse, and there, clean again! :D

With ingredietnts like Soymilk Fermented Liquid, Soybean Protein, Soybean Oil, Soybean Seed Extract and Squalane, Sana shows us that we can also LOVE our skin while we remove our makeup!

For those who are looking for something to help remove your makeup but keep your skin smooth and supple at the same time, this is something that you might want to try! (:


SANA (サナ) products are available in all Tokyu Hands Singapore, SASA Singapore, BHG Singapore & John Little Singapore stores. 

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Thank you for reading!


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