Closer to me;

I started blogging about 10 years ago because I like sharing about my thoughts, sometimes how I feel and things that happen on a day to day basis.

Some of you who've been reading my blog since a long time ago literally grew up with me, and I'm so thankful for that.
Seeing me change from a willful little girl to a strong-headed lady now.. never once I regretted about starting blogging.


For the past one week I was sick.😷
Made it out finally for the weekend (Saturday) to do some shoots (backdated ones lor zzz) and then continued being sick lol.😞

(Trying out blue contacts and I love it! :D)
I went drinking with G on Saturday and burnt the entire Sunday sleeping/recuperating.
Woke up feeling so sucky and terrible at everything.

But on a side note, really loving the shots the hubs took for me on Saturday haha.
We just spent less than 30mins for a series of shots so it was a good day... I guessπŸ˜…

Top : Bangkok
Outerwear : Taobao
Jeans : Cotton On
Shoes : Taobao
Bag : Primark


Was initially upset and wanted to blog about what made me upset but I figured there's no point..
Like what's the point of being upset when others are not on the same stand as you?
I get it - just be brave and move on.

Afterall whatever we see of people most of the time is superficial (myself included);
Because we are humans, we are made out to be like this so we do not like to show the ugly/weak sides of ourselves.

But dang, I trusted too soon too much.
Regrets is all that's left.

Will never let this affect me anymore; I'm not the only one apparently....


Anyways, something more exciting today.
I had the founder of the haircare brand, PERCY & REED, MR PERCY himself work on my hair!!πŸ˜„

Sorry I look like crap in this photo... I did try all sorts of angle to make myself look more flattering....

End results? 
Soft, silky and manageable hair!πŸ˜‰

Will share more about it in a day or two over at my dayre : 

😘Laters, babies😜

With love,


  1. I like your outerwear <3

  2. Hi Agnes! Do you mind sharing the link for the bag? TIA!!