Feeling the LUVVVVV with The OSIM uLove 白馬王子 ♡

What is love?

It is patient and kind.
It is not proud, is not self-seeking and does not dishonor.
It never fails, for it always trust, protect and perserveres........

And so, meet my newfound love....













The OSIM uLove 白馬王子😍😍😍


Last week, I got a chance to personally experience the OSIM uLove Massage chair over at OSIM Building.

Really honoured and elated to be part of this exciting event!

Not only I got to witness the unveiling of the OSIM uLove Massage Chair, we got a chance to have a 30 minutes personal experience with the massage chair (in the dark mind you!), take a little tour at the OSIM building checking out the entire colour range for the OSIM uLove Massage Chair and had a taste of some really yummy cocktails/mocktails and desserts!

The cocktails/mocktails tasted AMAZING I swear!
And they look really interesting!

Massages are always paired with yummy-smelling/soothing essential oils!

All the way from London, Neal’s Yard started over 30 years ago with the belief that consumers should understand their rights to know what goes into the products they buy.

Proudly producing and selling organic products, they stand firmly against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care.

Check their full range of products at http://nealsyardremedies.com.sg/ which is perfect to help us stay calm and relax - especially PERFECT when combined with the OSIM uLove 白馬王子 massage chair!😌😌😌


Why uLove???

Promising us users that we will be romanced by this not-just-a-gorgeous-looking massage chair, the  OSIM uLove 白馬王子 brings massage innovation to a whole new level.

Pampering us with massages from mind to body, head-to-toe,the OSIM uLove is said to be the world's most pampering massage chair that consists of three elements to deliver an outstanding experience to help achieve total relaxation of the mind and body.

In 5 different colours, Dashing Copper, Dreamy White, Gorgeous Teal, Charming Red and Handsome Brown, the OSIM uLove 白馬王子 features a timeless design that shouts so much elegance and class.

My favourite is still white.... 白馬王子 lehhhh😉


Let's take a step further to talk about some wonderful features the OSIM uLove massage chair has!
1) Pampering Massage

 - Immersive Audio System for Deeper Mental Relaxation
For this massage chair, OSIM cleverly positioned the sound speakers within an intimate chamber so that users can experience an enriched and immersive virtual audio effects.

YES, it is now possible to relax and calm our mind and body in the privacy of our own intimate space and to the beats of our favourite tracks! 😌

- V-Hand Massage Technology

The V-Hand Massage Technology that the OSIM uLove has is said to mimic the hand-grip of a professional masseuse to make our massage experience more realistic and pleasurable.

With 720º Roller Balls, the V-Hand Massage is able to rotate 360° in both horizontal and vertical directions to intimately roll along every contour of your body ensuring total relaxation and contentment.

Also, with its extended massage track, long track massage reaches every inch and bit of our bodies from head down to our butts.
 It promises to target more pain points for more satisfaction.

With a broad range of massage programs that are professionally designed and tailored to satisfy the needs of the entire family, the OSIM uLove massage chair gurantees that everyone's experience will be precise and targeted to effectively help relieve and enhances well-being. 

- Comprehensive Massage from Head-to-Toe

* V-Hand Massage on head, neck and shoulders
* Intense airbag massage on arms 
* Soothing warmth on back area 
* Revitalizing massage for hands and palms
* Relieve tension in thighs and hips
* Rejuvenate calves, ankles and feet - this was my favourite!
* Soothing Warmth on Back

2) Intelligent Features

- Downloadable New Massage Programs

Do you know that you can constantly download an ever-expanding suite of new lifestyle massage programs to satisfy the diverse needs and well-being of the whole family with just a simple Bluetooth connection to your smartphone?!?

This range of Lifestyle Massage Programs promises to continue to expand so as to satisfy the diverse needs of everyone!

- Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection
In order for users to benefit from a more personalised massage experience, the intelligent auto shoulder detection is activated at the start of every automatic massage program. ☺️

- Customized Massage Intensities 7/7/7 + Extendible Foot Massager for Different Height
With 7 levels of 3D selection at the shoulders, lumbar and butt, the uLove allows us to customize our massage intensities for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness.🙆

Also, the foot massage unit can be adjusted to suit our respective heights!!

- 3 User Memories + Favorite Programs 
The clever Osim uLove massage chair is able to save up to 3 preferred massage settings for greater convenience!

You are now also able to save up to 4 of your favourite massage programs for quicker selection and easier navigation in future.

- Comprehensive Safety FeaturesOne-Touch Chair Position
Able to detect any obstructions from any objects around, the Osim uLove backrest and footrest will stop reclining/retracting as it is designed with family-friendly safety features in mind
Also, just with one-touch, we can adjust the chair according to how we desire 😍 

3) Handsome Design

- Chrome Details that spells elegance and class
- Quilting and Perforation for a more sustainable outlook and functionality
- Enhance durability with a solid full-back cover 
- Retractable Remote Control that is within reach during massage
- Ottoman is versatile to be fully retracted or flipped over as leg rest when desired
- A ear-shaped upper arm massage unit that acts like a privacy panel allows users to retreat into the privacy of their own space for a total relaxation


After my experience with the OSIM uLove 白馬王子, I admit, I'm pretty SOLD.
Hopefully the husband will agree to getting one so we will no longer crave body massages from Bangkok 😣😣😣

Thank you for having us, OSIM Singapore!

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at Special Preview Price of S$4,999 (UP S$5,999) & will be exclusively available from 20 June 2016:

 - OSIM uLove Preview Shops at Tampines Mall #B1-05,
Causeway Point #B1-37, Nex #03-05, Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36) & Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter
- OSIM uLove Preview Roadshows at Parkway Parade L3 & Suntec City L1 (20 Jun-3 Jul), Causeway Point L1 (27 Jun-3 Jul), VivoCity L1 (28 Jun-4 Jul)

- Online at www.OSIM.com

 It comes with a one-year warranty and free delivery!

Find out more about its exciting features now at :


Thank you for reading!😍



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  3. I am planning to buy a massage chair and I am confused because there are lots of options are available but after going through your article I am done.

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  6. Personally, I own an Osaki Massage chair but after reading your detailed article about Osim, I feel I am in love with its features. I hope to get one for myself, if it's available in USA. Here’s a guide about choosing the right chair. I feel like adding Osim to the list.