JB trippin'

I'm sorry I took so long to post this.


I just didn't have the right mood to (due to all the sagas last week) and tbh I've been feeling really low about myself.
Lack of self-esteem and I'm suffering from mood swings.... sigh ðŸ˜«


But anyhoos, I'm here to share about our JB (Johor Bahru Malaysia) trip that happened approximately two weeks ago.
We stayed a night at JB and spent most of the time eating.
Honestly. ðŸ˜‚

1) Getting to Johor Bahru

There are two ways to get to JB, either you drive or take a bus.
And either by Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoint.

We prefer to drive and mostly went by the Woodlands Checkpoint to save time.

What you need to prepare by driving is enough funds in your Singapore Cash Card to pay for the toll fee to and fro at the checkpoints in Singapore.
For the checkpoints in Malaysia, you will need to prepare the Touch N Go Card instead.
(It can be bought at the JB Checkpoint.)

*I'm not sure about the buses to and fro JB, so please google it!*

2) Safety

One main concern we had when we decided to stay or even visit JB was safety issues.
We've heard of so many horror stories about kidnaps/rapes/murders/car or car parts theft etc.

But to be honest generally it is quite safe as long as you stay around areas where most Singaporeans go.

3) Hotel

We decided to stay at Renaissance Hotel JB this time round as it was relatively big and reputable and there was private hotel parking (not outside on some street).

Super in love with the hotel room!
Can fight with Regent Hotel Singapore.

Price : S$127 (per night - price does not include buffet breakfast)
Remarks : Very clean and comfy, 4-5 star standard
Carpark has a 24 hour security surveilling at the entrance to make sure only registered cars and cars of guests are allowed to enter and park.

Will come back again! ðŸ˜‰


Like I said, this trip was more for eating/exploring rather than shopping.

Our first stop : the very popular Jalan Dhoby
(Sorry but in the video I kept saying Jalan Tan Hiok Nee; it is around the same around which we have not explored and will do so the next time round!)

We tried the Triple K Beef Noodles.

Old school looking shop with school canteen tasting noodles (I do love the taste of this!) but the broth is a little too salty for me.

Total damage was about S$5 for a big bowl of noodles and two drinks.
Can lah ðŸ˜š

 Triple K (牛肉面家)
Address: 64 Jln Tan Hiok Nee 8000, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.456433, 103.763890

We stayed around that area for some photos taking.

With so many different locations for a simple OOTD, I can just bring my outfits there to shoot since we drove hehe.
You can do the same too!

After that we crossed the road to the other side - Jalan Dhoby.

I really wanted to visit cafes like KONE, Replacement Cafe and Flowers In the Window Cafe.
But sadly my tummy was only able to fit the food we had at The Replacement Cafe and so I made the hubs promise this won't be our last time there.

The streets just look like typical JB streets but the cafes I must say look really striking (esp KONE as it is in pink) so you will NOT miss it.

Walking further down, we notice Replacement Cafe because of the minimalistic exterior.
Super pretty and we just hopped in without even thinking twice.

The brunch price was relatively much cheaper than SG's and standard wise is comparable.
If I remember correctly, total damage was about S$20+ for two drinks and Eggs Benny + the sautéed mushrooms side dish.


Crazy in love with the interior too!

The Replacement Cafe
Address: 33, 34, Jalan Dhoby, 80000, Johor Bahru, Johor, 80000 Johor Bahru
GPS : 1.456657, 103.763067

Will be back there at Jalan Dhoby / Jalan Tan Hiok Nee to try other cafes next time!


Next up :

Shopping / Eating at Aeon Shopping Mall

You have to check out my vlog of our snippets on shopping but I want to say that.....


It's like slightly cheaper than SG's Daiso and there are more stuffs there (idk why?).
Per item is RM5+ which makes about S$1+...
Quite okay right? :D 

Spotted my childhood favourite chewing gums and needless to say bought the entire pack.
Was from Daiso btw.

But the size of the bubble quite small leh.... ðŸ˜–

After that, we didn't take any photos except for videos.
But we bought movie tickets and realised we need to wait an hour before our movie starts.

So we hopped over to some Karaoke place nearby to sing for an hour (crazy I know😜) and shortly after... MOVIE TIME!

 We had our K-session here!

We watched Now You See Me 2 and ordered a Popcorn set.
Total damage was about RM40-50+?
I must admit we felt like kings when we were there.

Sigh.... blame the high cost of living in SG....😔

The movie ended around 1+, then we hopped over to have a really yummy plate of Wanton Mee.
It is of course at the most talked about AH PIAW RESTORAN!

Highly raved by many Singaporeans, I can see why just from the first bite.
I love the texture of the noodles although I have to say the charsiew tasted a little dry.
But the soup was really yummy and they were not stingy with wantons! (about 4 pieces)

I like! ðŸ‘

Restoran Ah Piaw 阿標雲吞面
Address: Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.486855,103.769264


Ended our night with a massage.
Will not share the place as I found out it is a place that provide more of massages with "specials".
I don't understand ðŸ˜’

Will share if I ever come across a decent one with good prices/services!


The next day we checked out at 12pm and headed back to Jalan Dhoby for "The Best Chicken Chop in JB".

We felt that the chicken chop was just alright.
I highly recommend the crispy one over the grilled one as that is what they are more known for.

I like the fact that they do not charge for extra mushroom sauce and price wise is quite cheap too!
Two drinks + two plates of chicken chop - RM30+.

IT Roo Cafe
Address: 17 Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 1.457159, 103.763605


There, ended our mini "road" trip to JB.
Was pretty happy and surprised with the number of things we did in a short span of about 12 hours.

We left for JB at about 1+pm and left for home at about 1+pm too.

Do ask me any questions or drop me any comments should you have any and I will be happy to answer you!

Hope this helps and Happy Sunday folks! ðŸ˜‰

With love,


  1. I'm also in a mood swing nowadays, i want to go back home in Philippines, but anyhow i need to work my ass of here in another country. Anyways, i love your photos you look so good on it and i love the places you went ^^


    1. hugs babe! Thank you so much for popping by 💙💙