My updated skincare regime with IDS Clinic ❤️

Hey all!🙆

Remember my IDS products post on my instagram a few weeks back during my BKK trip?

It was a week after I had a visit at IDS Clinic where I got to meet Dr Heng, one of the resident doctor at IDS Clinic!

If you don't already know....

The IDS Clinic was started in 2014 by Dr SK Tan, who is one of the pioneer in the field of aesthetics and cosmeseuticals in Asia. 

He was also the founding member of Derma-Rx and the Medical Director of The DRx Clinic before he decided to set up IDS Clinic and launched the very successful line of skincare range that IDS now offers. 

With 30 years of clinical and research experience, he is committed to bring results-oriented products and treatments that are backed up by scientific efficacy to his customers.

Being recently ISO certified, IDS Clinic proved their point that their doctors and staff are highly trained and committed to provide quality service and customer satisfaction which makes everything from their clinic procedures to processes and even to management one of the very best in the industry. 

The IDS Clinic's very own clinical skincare range is being developed over several years and scientifically formulated to deliver maximum efficacy to specifically target common skin problems which has received numerous awards, accolades and media mentions. 

If you are looking for the perfect clinic with all the clinical treatments such as Botox®, filler injections and laser, by trained medical doctors/staff, if you just simply want to achieve healthy, radiant skin, IDS Skincare is definitely the to-go clinic for you.😉


Remember the very first IDS product I raved about, the IDS DD Cream?

I'm now on my second bottle and an absolute favourite I can never live without; 
I can even go as far as calling it my HOLYGRAIL BASE MAKEUP PRODUCT!

*Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that IDS Clinic will never discontinue this fabulous product*

So I was sharing about my visit to IDS Clinic with Dr Heng...

After looking at my face/skin, he said that I have mild sensitive skin and some areas of my face looks pretty dry but no huge skin issues.
(All thanks to Dr SK Tan who cured my acne skin problem waaaaaaaay back when I was a regular patient at DRX Clinic 😙)

With that, Dr Heng suggested that I switch up my skincare regime and include these products :

- IDS Oil-Free Moisturiser
- IDS Facial Scrub
- IDS C-Plus

I left feeling quite happy knowing that finally I have an answer to an issue that has been bugging me for the longest time... which is my SENSITIVE, COMBINATION SKIN issue..

I mean, can you imagine; somedays my skin goes from really oily in the day to really dry at night, and the humid weather in Singapore makes everything even worse.

And when I try to fix this issue with all sorts of moisturisers that I slap on my face, my skin will sometimes break out in little itchy bumps and goes away only in a few days.... 😞
(This explains why I do not really like to do skincare review unless I'm absolutely sure the products are safe to use on my skin!)

After using the products for about a month now....

Yes this is how my skin looks like now!
Some of the very faint marks left on my face are caused by my teenage acne scars (MIGHT consider laser soon but really worried about my sensitive skin not being able to take the treatment procedure 😞) but other than that my face/skin is pretty clear, agreed?😉

Okay enough said, introducing the products that Dr Heng suggested for me to use!



I'm still using my own facial cleanser; Dr Heng did not introduce a facial cleanser to me for fear that suddenly switching up my entire skincare regime might cause an adverse effect on my skin instead of a good one.

Change can be good but it should be slow and in step-by-step basis!


A therapeutic product, the C-plus helps to tackle wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne.
It is my absolute favourite skincare product out of the three new ones I'm introduced to as I really noticed a more even skin tone and lesser patchy dry spots around my face!

Boasting a new form of potent but stable Vitamin C (Trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate – APPS), water-soluble Vitamin E and Fullerenes, the C-Plus delivers these actives deep into skin using patented Nanospheres for optimal skin penetration.
(that explains why the results can be observed so quickly!)

Providing quality antioxidant, collagen-boosting benefits, and skin-lightening effects, the Vitamin E in this product also aids in skin repair.
The fullerenes in the C-Plus also helps to smoothen wrinkles drastically, all thanks to its strong ability to counter free radicals.

I use a pea-size amount for the entire face and it is more than enough!

For anyone plague by acne skin, you will be stoked to know that this wonder product also works against acne by reducing inflammatory lesions and lightening acne scars through its melanin-suppressive effects!


After using C-Plus, it is recommended for me to apply IDS' Oil-free moisturiser (also known as OM) as it helps to increase hydration within the skin but not grease.

Along with skin-loving ingredients, Vitamins C, E and moisturizing botanical extracts the OM also helps fight acne and lighten acne scars by suppressing unwanted melanin.

I use this pea-size amount for my entire face.
It is more than enough and the OM is of really light texture and the best part is that it absorbs into my skin really quickly. 😁

That's just about it, my updated daily skincare regime - simple but effective!
I use my own sunscreen in the day after all the steps above to protect my skin from the sun.

Twice a week, I use IDS FACIAL SCRUB to cleanse my skin before I apply the C-Plus and OM at night.

I'm serious when I say that IDS Clinic never fail to amaze with their wonderful range of products because this Facial Scrub is yet another star product!

Exclusively from IDS, this Facial Scrub contains ultra-fine crystals to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and to help speed up skin turnover.
Think better skin absorption for all your other skincare products!

Helping to clear out impurities and absorbing excess oil, this product will give you a clearer, more radiant and even-toned skin that is baby smooth and soft!
It is gentle so you can use it daily but for me, I will prefer to use it just twice daily for a start.😊

The results can really be seen within one wash; comparing my left and right hand to show you all!
After scrubbing, my left hand is seemingly brighter and much softer to touch.😊


Really thankful to be able to try these products from IDS and I have to say...

I'm never switching up my skincare regime (at least not for now) like how often I used to that might be the cause of my sensitive skin problem...😞

If you have any questions regarding these products, please feel free to ask me!

I am more than willing to share my overall experience with you as I have been fighting a battle with acne and common skin problems since I was 14 and I understand how it can actually directly affect one's self confidence especially in the world we are living in now...

At this age, my main concern is more of maintaining my skin condition and of course, slow down the aging process (even though I'm only 25 but I did mention that it is never too young to start anti-aging skincare unless you are a teenager 😑)


Do check out this video for the step-by-step routine of my full skincare regime!


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Thank you for reading!❤️

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