Time is such a funny thing.

Hey all! πŸ˜˜

I'm terribly sorry for the major lack of updates.
A lot has been has been happening recently and me being sick on and off isn't helping 😞

Will be updating everything in chronological order starting from approximately 3 weeks ago along with some random rants so please bear with me :D

Shiseido Ultimune Event 

Attended the Shiseido #BeTheUltimateYou event last three weeks ago with many other beauty babes.

Shiseido's #ultimuneeye & #ultimunepowerinfusingconcentrate makes the ultimate combo that helps to defend against multiple signs of aging and damage.

Tried the product and am amazed by how the consistency is so lightweight and easily absorbed by my skin!
Thank you for having me, Shiseido Singapore and Saffron communications at your wonderful event ✌🏼️😊


Sulwhasoo Singapore - Celebrate 50 years of Ginseng Research

Sulwhasoo Singapore celebrated the 50th year of their Ginseng Heritage as well as the launch of the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX that I attended three weeks ago with Audrey the pretty momma!

This latest product is the outcome of 50 years of research & dedication to deliver the ultimate anti-aging solution with the energy of ginseng.

With the Touch PR peeps!

Thank you for having me at this beautiful launch event, Sulwhasoo Singapore and Touch PR and Events ❤️


Bangkok Trip with Nuffnang International Bloggers

This lady here made this trip more fun an exciting for me, literally.
She is Jasiminne Yip, a blogger from UK, but she is Malaysian so it is pretty cool when we speak Singlish and Manglish respectively haha!
I don't face any issues communicating with this crazy woman because I guess we are the same Jas.πŸ˜‚

A one-of-a-kind experience, definitely! 
Thank you Nuffnang SG, Nuffnang TH and TCEB for this opportunity!πŸ™†

The three new products from the IDS skincare range that work soooo well on me and I brought them along with me for this trip.
Can't wait to share about these on my blog in one or two weeks' time! πŸ˜‰

Favourite snapchat faces of the trip hahahaπŸ™†


#THAIFantastic Flea Market @ Tanjong Pagar Railway Station last weekend

Was so happy to be invited to experience the first ever Thailand theme concept market at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore!

(This beautiful heritage landmark will be closed by the end of this year though 😞 )

Together with Singapore Land Authority, Fleawhere worked alongside Hood Bar and Cafe as a music partner and with over 100 food and merchandises stalls by Fleawhere and Megafash, food truck vendor Kerbside Gourmet & Kombi Rocks were also there as part of this exciting event!

 Chilling at the VIP area πŸ˜Ž

There were also retro vibe old school arcade machines for everyone to enjoy, as well as merchandises and performances and even a Thai movie, "The Teacher's Diary", was aired that day at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

 That above it the famous Thailand Ice-cream rolls!
These are from MAK MAK SG.
They are located at JCube Level 2!
Do head over to try these yummies - they have the most unique flavours such as 'Mango Sticky Rice'!😳

 These are tokens that the organiser kindly provided me with but it's quite funny when I presented them to the vendors and they literally stared at it and then look at me then down at the notes again.....

Bet they must be thinking....

"δ»€δΉˆsia, like that also can ah?"

Having fun at the arcade games πŸ˜™

Thank you for having us at the ζ³° Fantastic Flea Market, Fleawhere SG & Chrysan!πŸ’‹


This week :

Angel Muse EDT by MUGLER Launch Party @ Manifesto SG

 Hehe @Winterchee babe being such a dearie for attending this event with me and we ended our "date" having chocolate waffles at Dazzling Cafe πŸ˜

The fresh scent is a mixed of woody, nutty & sweet all rolled into one & with it's unique new bottle design, it's definitely a new fragrance that everyone will #HateToLove.

Thank you for inviting us to be part of this wonderful event, MUGLER & Access Comms!πŸ™†πŸ»


Launch of COACH EDT for women at SEPHORA ION
I didn't manage to get hold of my own bottle yet as the stocks were running low on that very day but when I do I will definitely show you guys how it looks like because.....

So excited!πŸ˜™πŸ™†

The bottle comes with no cap but the nozzle itself is lockable!
Super cool right?

Perfect for fall, Coach the Fragrance is currently available in all SEPHORA SG stores.



Dropped by the Grand Opening of Faythlabel's very first Pop-up store at City Link Mall #B1-57.

Congratulations, Janice and team!😍
To many more years and stores ahead πŸ˜‰

Do check out their fb page for some really tempting promotions along with the launch of their Pop-up store!


Chill out session with the guys at night...

A much needed talk among us all I guess.
It's good to know that we are not alone in agreement on certain things.😌

Cuppage - Clarke Quay - Bak Kut Teh.
What a combi hahaha!
Thanks for the night guys! πŸ˜Š

And today at relative's wedding lunch with my parents..... 
 HAHAHA they really just entertain me only😜😜



Left : 😍 #selfie with @Yanjinggg babe after our movie - Bridget Jones' Baby! MUST WATCH BECAUSE IT IS SUPER FUNNY HAHAHA

Right : A random shot of my DIY plaid-in bun... interesting right?πŸ€—πŸ˜™
And of course, Cookie!

He recently got a fur-cut so he looks soooooo much neater.
The weather recently is just crazy so he deserves the grooming totally😜

 ❤️I just love you more and more everyday.
Just hoping that you can be in my life as long as possible.❤️
Introducing Sana's Maikohan BB Cream

Simply because I genuinely like it!

I'm a pretty hard person to please when it comes to base makeup as I have really sensitive skinπŸ˜’

But SanaSGP's Maikohan BB Cream is something that I have to rave about as it has 8 functions in just 1 BB Cream & turns into silky smooth powder upon application!😍

 Consistency is smooth and easy to blend.
It doesn't break me out or cake up easily.
I personally find that shade 2 suits me best.

 As a guide for you, I use :
Shade 01  : for a fairer/fresh girly look 

A mix of shade 01 + 02 : for that slight hint of healthy sun-kissed glow 🌀

The #Maikohan BB cream is now available at all Sasa stores.
Thank you for sending me these babies to try, @SanaSGP! πŸ’‹πŸ™†πŸ»



After all these little updates here and there, let's get down to some serious stuffs.

*Giving that "Why so serious?" face*

I haven't been very happy with certain things recently, and it's not only with regards to one or two issues or just one or two persons, but more.


I don't understand how sometimes people can act like they care. 
With regards to this, I've been so affected because when it all started things doesn't seem to be this way. 
Now I see it - what are the real things they care about. 
I don't understand how people see and determine that I am a super carefree person and it's as though I have no commitments, no real job or no important things to take care of.

I'm very busy one leh.
Really damn busy that kind.

Sometimes I don't even have the time to do housework (if you think I'm rich and I hired a maid you certainly have a very wrong perception of me πŸ˜‘) and I get very upset with myself because I am somehow a neat/clean freak.

I have never been so busy in my life that I feel I kinda overpromised on a lot of things and sometimes I really just am trying to do my best to help.

Sometimes a friend can come up to me and say, "Eh I need this and it's urgent, can you help me do it?"
If I can, I really will.

But then, when I need help, I don't get the same kind of help I rendered previously.
How is this fair right?

Aiyah but this is life - life is never fair.
I think at this point of my life..... I should just suck it up and just live with it.


Another issue is yeap, regarding friends.
When I was younger my mum always said this to me : 

Now I have to agree with her.
Seriously, we may be "popular" in secondary school, JC or Poly but after that?

Everyone has their own life, own job, own family, own growing up to do.
It's hard to maintain friendships.

That's when friends slowly start to grow apart.

Then down to those that were with you for the longest part of your life, like from secondary school etc.
You think these are the kind of friends that will stay with you for life because you guys overcame the 7th, 8th, 9th, or even 10th year mark.

They stick with you for life?

People change.
So do you.

People grow.
But some just remain at the same level or just crash, fall lower and maybe one day fall flat on the ground.

I have dealt with many types of "friends".
Childish ones - those that can walk away from your life because simply you are doing better and they just can't accept the fact.

Backstabbers - this term may seem so familiar in our teens especially in secondary school but till today, people in their 20s can still do such things to people they claim that they "truly care about".
And do take note : when they say sorry, they are most likely not or just trying to get their way around and one day will backstab you once more.

Liars - The cheaters, the compulsive liars, the ones that lie to those they love and people who care and they have the ability to lie in your face and always for their own selfish sake.
They will find all sorts of rubbish excuses to cover themselves up and their lying stories, and because they lied, they have to continue to lie and lie and lie and lie until the end of time.
Their lies are never-ending and they are smart because they lie so often, and so much to so many different people though from the same group.
And guess what, till today they are still lying.
The myth of Pinocchio should not be just a fairytale.

Self-righteous ones - those that care only about their own opinions and not others.
They die die will think that they are right.
No matter the amount of explanation, nothing seems to be able to appease them.
They are also the kind that tend to voice out very strongly about their opinions against others and often in a very negative way and are often not very popular among his own group of friends or colleagues.
They are often very much blinded with their own thoughts and opinions that they act rashly and in turn hurting the ones that truly care for them and actually they are really lonely inside.


I'm honestly furious about this entire matter.
And somewhat disgusted by the true sides of people.

It wasn't dealt with maturely overall, especially for those directly involved.
I could have not stepped into this and washed my hands off this matter.
We could have.

But see lor, for a friend, we did what we needed to do.
What we wanted to do.

In the end it makes us the enemies.
People really don't know what the f is good for them.
As we grow older, our circle of friends get smaller.

I see, it's true now.



So much hate, so little love..


Let's be more positive now.
Things will be better, they always do 😌😌😌

Anyway everyone, I started blogging because I was singing actively and many of the people who supported me during my singing days read my blog to catch up on my life.

Eversince I've stopped singing, I'm trying to try all sorts of things to see which fits me best and which side of me does everyone want to see.

I guess I was too blinded by what "everyone else want to see" and not what I enjoy doing.
So I just thought.... 


MAYBE I should start singing again...
just MAYBE.

Singing makes me happy.
Don't get me wrong.
Blogging does too but I started my blogging journey just because I was a singer at that point of time.

And so.... I started a BIGO LIVE account just 3 days ago so that you all can watch me sing LIVE at.
I major in chinese songs so I normally do the pop hits.

BIGO LIVE is a live streaming app where everyone else can watch and comment on the spot.
A pretty fun and cool way to interact with my friends/followers in my opinion.

So girls/guys, do check up and head on over to my BIGO LIVE channel and sing LIVE with me!
Alternatively, you can like my Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/aggylow/ and I promise to update you on my BIGO LIVE schedule weekly!


That's all folks!

Thanks for reading this really hectic and long post.

I don't know how you did it.
Ok I'm just kidding. πŸ˜›

 With love,


  1. I'm a fan of ginseng skincare, and am super bummed that the DCS Nutriderm range doesn't seem to be stocking up anymore in Watsons. :( So glad that Sulwhasoo now has this one, I might save up for it!
    Also, you should do a tutorial on your hair braid if you have time. It's super pretty!

    1. Thanks babe! so sweet of you! hehe I might, as some people requested too! <3