A week in an entry✌️

Hello all!

Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been really busy recently..πŸ˜”

As some of you might be wondering...

..it's actually been quite some time since TACT.sg has launched anything/have been updated (we'll keep in mind on that and promise to update you all something via our FB page or IG)


1) TACT.sg is currently undergoing some restructuring and we are sure to be back in a week or two's time with something interesting so do keep your eyes peeled!
2) There's some exciting plans/news to share with everyone but we are trying to get everything to fall in place first before we can confirm anything and announce the good stuffs to you all so till then, be patient with us pretty pleaseeeeee πŸ™


Let me share with you all in bits and pieces on what has been happening daily this week so please bear with me πŸ˜‹

Going through the events in descending order...

Saturday 01/10/2016 Kronenbourg SG Yacht Party with Nuffies & peepsπŸ™Œ

Happy October everyone!😍

Started this month with a bang by celebrating new friendships onboard a yacht sipping away on beers and prancing around getting happy/high on dance music.😁

Despite the choppy waters and rainy weather, everyone's mood was not dampen and the bonding session was really fun because seriously it's the company that matters.

Special thanks to Marina at Keppel Bay for the beautiful yacht, Chef John See for crafting the dishes and preparing the yummy food for us, Daniel and Nic for the photography and videography and everyone - Tris, Jess, Mong, Shaun, Kai, Calvin for being so fun and spontaneous!

 Woohoo enjoying my me-time with a fine taste of french πŸ˜‹

Hehe my "Yacht-chic" ootd; chic enough? πŸ˜‹


Do read up on my recent dayre entry for the more snaps and more details on this yacht party and how you can win a yacht party like ours for you and your friends! 😁


Wednesday 28/09 / Thursday 29/09 / Friday 30/09

- Pull & Bear F/W16 Collection

Was told to choose two outfits to showcase P&B's FW16 collection, and this is just one of it!

Will be sharing on how you can win for yourself some cash vouchers to shop at P&B on my IG in 5 days' time!
Do keep your eyes peeled! πŸ˜

- Launch of organic skincare products by Neal's Yard x Deliciously Ella 

I'm really excited to try these not just because they are organic, but because they are outcomes of the collab of Neal's Yard with a beauty blogger, Ella.

With the sweetest Winter dear! πŸ˜
Thanks for staying for dinner with me😁

And thank you for the kind invite, Access Comms! πŸ˜Š

 - BSkin Launch Event with Cheow cheow

Tbh I'm pretty impressed with some of their products even though they are very new here in SG.
With their sincerity in genuinely wanting consumers to find the right and suitable products for themselves, I'm pretty sure BSkin will go far πŸ˜„

My favourite product out of the lot would be M line's sebum gel.
Thanks for the invite, Bolt SG and BSkin SGπŸ˜‰


With Yan Jing dear; thanks for coming with me πŸ˜
Enjoyed the food and drinks by M Social/Beast & butterflies!

Congrats Zamantha from the Philippines for topping this first ever regional modelling search contest by Zalora!

And once again, thank you Zalora Sg for the kind invite! πŸ˜„

Haha that night was quite crazy as it ended with an impromptu drinking session.
I left for home high on champagne but still Bigo-ed and sang live until I felt better πŸ˜

If you are keen to watch me sing live, I am on BIGO!
My user will be AGGYLOW πŸ™Œ

Like my facebook page here :  https://www.facebook.com/aggylow/ to find out when I BIGO! πŸ˜
See you guys there! πŸ‘‹

Saturday 24/09 Fish ζ’ιœθŒΉ's T'appelles L'amour 2016 Concert 

Hehe so happy to have this chance to watch this concert upfront and was so so close to the main stage and watching/hearing my εΆεƒ  sing live!
(Not to haolian but I sat at the CAT A section and was sooooooo excited because it was my very first time hehehe)


Thank you for coming with me and yes I am very impressed with your courage for dyeing your hair that colour hehehe πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

Thank you Nuffnang Sg and IMC Live Group for the tickets! πŸ˜˜


I am pretty affected by some news recently I have to admit as it came as a shock..
Just hope everything will go smoothly for the ones affected from now on πŸ˜ž



Anyways, new makeup tutorial up tomorrowπŸ’‹

And and and.... something exciting is going to happen on Thursday too! 😁✌️

Thank you all for reading/being here everyone!
This matters so much😘
See ya all!

With love,

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