Happy now?


Photo credits to Daniel (@OneClickWonders)

I'm a blondie no more!
This was brunch last week with the very talented Daniel~~~~~
I didn't know he play drums lor πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³

ANYWAYZ been quite some since I did a mass update on what's going on in my life.
A lot has happened and the most difficult part of what I'm going through is rebuilding it all?
Friends has been so supportive (and extra loving hehehe) which makes everything a lot easier

Before I get my rant mode on, let's move on to happier things!

 << η»§η»­ε”± SF @ De' Jellyfish Bar >>

Super thankful to have the support of the 10 contestants that headed down to the bar for their PK round.
It was more of an intimate "meet-up" session and quite surprised that it was quite a turn-out.

Thank you for the guests for showing your support too!😍
Looking forward to the finals that will be happening in about 10 days' time! πŸ˜‰

Say HI to the Top 10!
(Missing out Kugo & Clayton πŸ˜³)

Another one!

And another one!


Congrats to Amos, Nelson & Rachel!😍

Hehe catch them during the finals next Wednesday on the 28th of December!
If you wish to head down to the event venue to support them do follow my Facebook page for more info!


- Visit to Salon Vim -

Haha just Karl and I goofing around!

And after about 4 hours + of doing my hair....

Rose gold hair!

Thank you Elyn & Karl from Salon Vim Wisma!
Hehe love the new change from the blondie I was a few days ago πŸ˜œ

Head on over to my IG page to find out more about my XMAS giveaway with Salon Vim! ❤️


 - LANEIGE x SULWHASOO Thanksgiving DayπŸ’Œ - 

Held at VLV Singapore, this was indeed one of the largest LANEIGE/SULWHASOO event ever!

Hehe sipping on cocktails and trying new makeup products from both LANEIGE & SULWHASOO! 

The place is SUPER GORGEOUS!

Not to mention the food was just AMAZING! 

Thank you to the LANEIGE/SULWHASOO team for the lovely invite!

These baes and I had a blast!
Looking forward to a better 2017 with you all! πŸ˜

Special thanks to the lovely TouchPR&Events team for putting this together too!😘


So last Friday I was singing at CM-PB bar at Dempsey Hill.


Hahaha I almost died did you all catch my live stream on Bigo? πŸ˜


I was really happy according to Winter bae HAHAHA



 Haha almost all my events I have my babe Winter with me xx

Loveeeee her hehe ❤️
Salon vibes strong aye?

Check out Leekaja Salon, Korea's Leading Salon that is now in SG (finally!) @ Mandarin Gallery!

After that?
Drinks & food with the bae of course!


Say hola to my happiest baby~~~~

I think with this whole saga, he's really the one that is mostly affected.
His schedule, his lifestyle, everything...

But I hope he can feel that I'm really putting in much more effort and time to accompany him..

My sweetest boyπŸ’‹


I hope that with your new friend joining our little family (coming soon!) you will be even happier😘

No makeup but as long as there's SNOW app and eyelashes so on point you shall always be fineeeeee HAHAHA

Before I move on to anything emotional...

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The more you join, the higher the chances of winning, so JUST TRY ONLY!πŸ˜‰


As mentioned on my Dayre, I'm happier.

No doubt it still hurts sometimes but it's getting better.
I will be better.

I'm also aware of the nonsense that nonsensical people have been spreading.
But nah, can't be bothered, you will always be behind me if you keep speaking behind my back anyway.😚

Was doing a hell lot of packing today.
A couple of times I broke down wondering if I tried.
If I really tried, hard enough.

W bae was teling me that maybe the prev blog entry (deleted one) was the deal breaker.
I couldn't agree more.

But then behind it all, no one considered the previous times when I tried to make things okay?
I tried.
I cried.
I spoke in the softest tone I could wishing for just a yes.
Until a no broke my heart.
And after that my heart felt dead.

And then the period of waiting came, and when things could work out again I said no.
Maybe the timing was not right.
Maybe it was just not meant to be right.

Maybe it was just time for me to step out of my comfort zone and be strong.
I have no idea why I shouldn't be getting angry.
When shit like that happens, it takes two hands to clap.
Maybe I'm just less of the actor.

I'm angry for myself.
For the pain I went through but have no courage to admit.
For the times I tried but was not taken into account for.
For the times I was so beaten and hurt but it was not accounted for.

I can't force myself to act and tell you that I will try when I know I'm done.
I can't force myself to agree with the things you wish that I could do but didn't and then just not do it in the end, making you believe I did, acting like I did.

I can't.
I just can't.

To the liars and the two-faced ones, you've won.
You've won and I've lost.
But you lost your conscience and I'm utterly disgusted.

Happy now?

Yes I am.
I've won a chance to see a clearer picture and a brighter future.

Wooo, feels great to let this out.

Edited 20/12/2016

Have to make things clear if not I kena misunderstood again yknowzxzxz



Thank you for coming by, thank you for reading.

Catch you on my Snapchat/BIGO/Instagram okay? πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜

With love,

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