Bidding 2016 goodbye;

These few weeks I've been contemplating if I should write this entry judging from my situation.
But, why not?

As my mum told me, I should be looking forward, not backwards anymore.
But at the same time I have to consider the feelings of people who love & care for me..

Food for thought;

Sometimes I just wish I can be selfish to just do whatever I want and be whoever I want to be; 
Just be brave and say that I can, I do.

But I can't be selfish - I can't let my desires or dreams hold people back.
I'm happy, but just living life a step at a time and hoping that it will all work out for me in the end.



Goodbye 2016;

It has been an emotional year for me.
I've been through quite a bit this year too, with the passing of my Godfather, being brave to step out of my comfort zone & moving on from my usual life, making changes and accepting what's left for me and what's going to be in store for me.

I must say I'm really thankful for those that has been around and being extremely supportive of my journey so far.
It was a path full of pain, confusion, struggles and sadness and without them I might actually be suffering from depression or something worse.

My happy pills literally.
Thank you all - you know who you are ❤️

From this day on, it will just be Cookie and I.
We'll be brave and we'll be happy, always.


Hello 2017;

Happy to currently be in Bangkok to celebrate this quiet and simple New Year.
I needed the break I guess.

No fireworks this New Year due to the Thai King's passing recently..


Listed down some goals/hopes I have for myself this year to look forward to :

1) Work really hard

I want to be able to afford a better life by myself and for myself & Cookie.
And hopefully be able to afford to take my parents on a trip to wherever they want on top of supporting the house.

2) Put in more effort in future plans for TACT Sg

I'm really sorry especially to the loyal customers that has been around and waiting for TACT's new launch.
I have been trying to find the right direction where TACT will be going and I know I can't screw this up - especially now that I'm going to fight this alone.

I promise to work on this and be more efficient on how things are/will be handled.

3) Spend lesser & save up

This is one constant resolution that you guys will see over and over again on my yearly list of resolutions haha.
No choice, need to get a grip on that shopping queen in me HAHAHA

4) Travel more & get lost

In 2016 I've been to : Korea, Thailand (I can't count how many times lol) , Taiwan 
Dreaming of being in : Japan / Korea / Australia / Boracay / Maldives / London / US in 2017.
Let's see where can I go this year and if I'm able to hit all my "targets".

5) Grow my hair out

No kidding.
Cut my hair last year for a change and gonna grow it out for another change this year.
Since there's so many changes in my life growing my hair out should be nothing actually.
Long black hair... maybe? 

6) Take better care of my health

I've got quite a bit of scares in 2016 and have been to the hospital for checkups time and time again to make sure I'm okay.
So far I've been good but I want to be better to avoid these unnecessary scares & hospital visits.

7) SLAY 2017

There's so much I want to do really but I'm kinda in the midst of rebuilding my life right now.
It's pretty tough to be honest as there's quite a switch of routine and changes here & there.

Repainting the entire house and redecorating it now which makes me really excited and it's something huge to look forward to.
After that the "slaying" starts & I've got new plans for myself too.
Really looking forward to it! 😙😙😙


Can't wait to share my shots taken during this Bangkok trip where I visited a lot more cafes and did quite a bit of soul-searching/relieving.

A beautiful start to a hopefully wonderful year ahead.

Thank you all for loving me, following me, supporting me and being there with me all these while.
Happy new year awesome people!

Have a great one ahead ❤️

With love,


  1. Jiayou babe! Everything is just going to get better from here. Come visit me in the studio when Cookie and you are bored or just need some good ol' English tea! :P