There's a period of time when life was good, peaceful.
Guess my gut just can't take peace and needed to take chances to try.
To walk a route I've never taken before, to try something I've never thought I would.

They say, "We are our choices;"
I guess it's really right.
Apparently the life I thought I would be happy with turns out to just be slightly better than hell.

Often, do we choose what is wrong or right? Or what we want, what we need?


I've decided, to take a break from life and let time decide it all for me where my next path shall leads.

Good times don't last, bad times too.

"Do you choose the job you love or a job that pays better?"
"Do you choose the one you love or the one that loves you most?"



Thank you all for being the happy pills while I'm here;

Take care ❤

With love,

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