The pains of growing up;

Staring at my desk looking at some of the things I've bought, ranging from CDs from boybands that I used to be crazy over, some funny stuffs that I don't need and looking at a diary I wrote when I was 16 made me laugh.

I wondered what triggered me to have choices and thoughts like that back then while growing up - what affected them and what effected from them.
Then the thought went on to how dumb/naive I was, and how I would never do such a thing now after 10 whole years.

But looking back, it was the process that made me grow up - the process of having thoughts like these, writing stuffs like these, buying stuffs like these... every little detail, every little choices is the part and parcel of my growing up.

And then I started to think.. about my life choices, reflecting on myself and imagining on how I would see myself in the next 10 years when I look back - will I be mocking myself at the choices I made?

I'm scared that the path I take is not the path towards happiness.
Sometimes I think I always make the wrong choices and when I get to start over, which will I choose, once again?

When I'm 36, will I be happy, sad, angry with myself or even wound up dead with the choices I made for myself throughout these 10 years?

The process of growing up can be painful, can be fun, can be boring or can be exciting - but which is the path I need to take?
Is the path I'm planning to take the right one?

Guess I really do need to see a forteller;


All in a week :

 #KiloKallang - great food, great vibes and awesome cocktails!
Thanks Nat & Kelv πŸ’•


Potato Head Folk - #musttry the awesome beef patties! πŸ˜±

So good I tell you!
Very much worth the price!

 Hahaha my Nat Nat❤️
Not to mention this place is duper photogenic too πŸ‘Œ


Some updates on Cookie the dog, my son😝

 I bought him a spaceship bag so he can travel everywhere with me and look out at the surroundings..

 My boyfriend❤️



I know everyone keeps telling me in my face that I suit longer hair but....



Brunch @ Orange Thimble

Food's okay, place's great and super instaworthy but the downside is that they have really crappy serviceπŸ˜’

Would recommend anyone here to take some nice shots πŸ˜š

Thanks for readingπŸ’‹


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  1. that's part of growing up.. as u get older, always fretting about the choices you made.. can really never feel absolutely good or confident about the choice sometimes. But that's what made us human, to learn through the process, to never make the same mistakes, to be able to tell yourself that you'd made the right choice after going through it.

    Cheer up Agnes! :)