Stop blogging?


Hello all~

As the title states... this has been something that has been coming back to me over and over..

Sometimes the things I blog about are directly related to me; if you have been following this blog you should know that I've always been very upfront about the things I say or how I feel..

I guess the reason why I started blogging was simply because I suck at telling people how I feel.. like putting them into spoken words.
By typing them out gives me a chance to correct anything I want to say without saying the wrong things or hurting anyone..

Ultimately, my blogging has affected some people, whether intentionally or not..
Some entries I wrote has hurt the ones that I care for most, and has also pushed away people that I dislike; some entries also caused many judgement from people whom don't even know me nor met me before but....


Yes maybe sometimes I should be smarter about the things I write or the words I use but... I really see no point in me stopping blogging.
It has given me an avenue to share what I like to share, connect with people that I don't even know exist and I've even met nice people who cares for me.

To the ones I love and hurt before just because of my insensitivity and immaturity, I sincerely apologise.
I will be more careful about my actions and words in future, as long as this space here exist.
To the ones that have never left throughout these 10 years of my blogging life... I'm really grateful and I love you all❤️

I will be stronger and definitely better;


Today is actually quite a special day.. as well as the following two days..
Sometimes I do regret certain things but perhaps it's all too late..
And perhaps, it is really meant to be.

As what I've written in the previous blog entry, the process of growing up... includes losing and gaining... 
Maybe by losing something we gain an insight, wisdom, maturity..

I hope that what I've lost is worth it.. because honestly I do imagine sometimes how would life be like if another choice was made..
I could be happier, sadder, poorer, richer, weaker or stronger..

I could have; we could have.
I just wished I am braver sometimes.
I just wished you were braver too.


Moving on to the happier things in life :

Jamming session with @SingaporeDapor ✌️
It's always a good time~

We do perform at weddings too so if you are keen to find out more, leave me a comment or drop me an email okay? πŸ˜š

Anyhoos, if you followed me closely on IG stories/Snapchat you would have noticed just last friday I was at the launch of Etude House's Wonder Fun series!

Makeup artist Dave Kim came all the way from the land of Kimchi to do a MU demo for us on some easy spring looks and I'm totally SOLD!

And so.....


The entire MUST-HAVE Wonder Fun series from Etude House!
Thank you TouchPRandEvents for the wonderful event and invite!πŸ’‹

And if you wonder....


I'm using this superpower hair serum that makes my hair grow out lor.....

LOL #kidding

I just wanted to switch up my look(s) so I bought clip-on extensions to use them anytime I want anytime I need!

The colour is super close to my own hair's colour and even my friends commented that it looks so natural to the point that when at work I went in my short hair one day and this was what happened....

Girl A asked me : "Eh I thought you long hair one?"

Girl B replied her for me : "She went to cut yesterday.." 
(Girl B knew I had short hair)

Me : giggles

Girl A : "Wa you damn brave sia but your long hair nice leh!"

Me : LOL

I didn't correct Girl A because I can't be bothered as I don't see her often and don't know her too well and she's not local la so she won't read this blog but my point is....


I will wear my fake hair more often so bear with me uh πŸ˜


Photoshoot at a secret hideout that day..

Thank you all for reading;

Happy Monday! πŸ’‹

With love,


  1. Hi Aggy, i first notice you in Bigo and followed you in fb. I personally think you that you are very true person. It is not wrong to speak out your own mind. If people are offended by what you said, they can always choose not to follow. And if they think they are so great as to put negative comments, perhaps they should go aim to become a politician and actually the fact is they cannot be politician, they came and input their negative comment on normal people. They are just keyboard warriors and they will always remain as keyboard warriors. By the way, i like to listen you sing, please continue to bring the joy and happiness to people :)

    Gary Png

    1. Thank you so so much Gary! :D Appreciate this ALOT! :D