POST-OP : My SafeSight TransPRK EpiLASIK surgery

Hello all!

Finally felt much better to do this post regarding my post-op thoughts/feelings on my SafeSight TransPRK EpiLASIK Surgery!

I'm just going to touch on the more important points and bring you through what I actually went through to avoid a really lengthy post 😅

The very first day of my SafeSight TransPRK EpiLASIK surgery : Left - Before procedure / Right - After procedure

I felt terrible on Day 1, I'm not going to lie.
It was so uncomfortable and I really don't like the feeling of having lights around.

I just wanted to go home and sleep because I was told by the nurses that I need a lot of rest to help the epithelium cells to heal.

During the surgery, a transparent, high-oxygen content soft contact lens was placed into my eyes to act as a "bandage" to protect the treated surface of my corneas.

Yes it can get a bit blurry and dry but it was fine with constant dripping of eye drops throughout the day..

Prescribed eyedrops - Tobrex, FML, Vigamox
I was told to drip the eyedrops for 3-4 times a day respectively.
There wasn't pain in my eyes, just discomfort and it gradually gets better day by day.
Day 3 : Was well enough to head out

Day 3 : Was well enough to head out
I was able to head out by Day 3 but I only did so at night and wore shades literally everywhere I go unless I felt comfortable enough to not do so.

The first week was indeed the toughest part/period of my entire healing process because my eyesight was constantly blurry.
I really couldn't do much work/texting/typing/staring at something for a little longer than a glance because it strains and hurts my eyes a little.

Reading smaller/fine prints was a difficult task and I had to turn my iPhone screen brightness down to 10 😔

I would say my eyesight improved by 50% immediately after the surgery and the first week improvement was pretty slow.

By week 1 I was out and about resuming my usual activities like work, cafe-hopping, meetings, exercising & even photoshoots.


Exercising / Photoshoot

Visit to aesthetic clinic


I did went back to the Eye Clinic for follow-ups and it was for the doctor to check if my cornea is back to it's original shape/curve on the surface.

The only thing you can really do is to sleep well, drip your eyedrops regularly and avoid direct sunlight.
I tried drinking collagen on a daily basis to help in healing but I'm not really sure if it does help. 😅

Fast forward to about a month now, my vision has greatly improved and it feels AMAZING!
It's like I have the same eyesight when I have contact lenses on (even when I don't have any on) and I can read signs from afar clearly like when I was at 9. 😍
(I developed myopia at the age of 10)

 Currently I do not need to wear spectacles anymore (YES NOT ANYMORE!!), I'm able to wear my coloured contacts as usual and I feel totally okay!😚
(My contact lenses degrees are 0.00)

Eyesight improvements 

Overall, my eyesight improvements over time are as follows -

Week 1 : 50% to 60%
Week 2 : 60%-70%
Week 3 : 70%-85%
Week 4 : 85%-98%

I wouldn't say I have 100% perfect eyesight now because I have been told by the doctor that is not a realistic expectation and the most my myopia can be cured is to -0.75 degrees which is good enough for me!
(-0.20 is perfect eyesight)

 Overall, my basic SafeSight TransPRK EpiLASIK surgery cost is about $3.3-$3.4k, but additionally with the TransPRK XTRA procedure cost about $1.2k.
(Please read my previous entries on what is TransPRK XTRA and why I chose to do this extra step)

Money well-spent and I really do not regret doing this procedure at all.
Regaining perfect eyesight has always been something I wanted for myself since I turned 21 and I really wanted to do LASIK for the longest time until I did enough research to make this huge decision.

(Please read my previous entries/watch my previous Youtube videos on why I chose to do this surgery)

Having perfect eyesight is really so much less of a hassle for me - I no longer have to fuss about not having my spectacles around or consider about bringing my contact lenses solution/case with me wherever I go - so easy breezy!

My surgery was done at :

6 Nutmeg Rd, Singapore 228337
+65 6733 3316

Thank you guys for following through my journey so far, sending me loads of encouragement and words of care and keeping me in your thoughts/prayers!

For more info on this surgery and my thoughts PRE-OP, do click here to read :

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Do stay tuned for the last video on the round-up of my entire SafeSight TransPRK EpiLasik Journey!

Yay to perfect eyesight + ability to STILL wear colour contacts 😋❤️️


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  1. Hi! May I know after the surgery are u able to read words after 1 week?

    1. Hi, not really very clearly but much better after 2 weeks! (:

  2. Thanks for replying! Can I still quote your name for the $120? Thank you!