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If you are a long-time follower of mine, you will know that I am always going cray cray over whitening products/treatments because being fair-skinned, at least to me, makes things easier - I can be versatile enough to wear many different colours of clothings/makeup 😍

So imagine my happiness when I was first introduced....


The idea of both EstheWhite and EstheShield is that they work hand in hand to help us achieve fairer, brighter complexion and fight premature ageing with natural active ingredients. 

This innovative combination by BeauteScience will help improve our skin tone and provide comprehensive sun protection all at once!😊

When exposed to the sun, our skin health actually deteriorates and age faster due to the harmful UV rays.
I always try to stay indoors as much as possible too even though I'm a huge fan of the sun and sea.☀️

As to how obsessive I am against sun damage?
I bring a bottle of sunscreen spray with me in my bag everywhere I go during the day.πŸ˜…

And right now adding on to my list of MUST-HAVE sun protection products is BeauteScience's


To me, no matter how much whitening supplements you take will NEVER be as effective as taking preventive measures like protecting our skin against the harmful UV rays.

I was told that the core ingredient of EstheShield is a proven natural fern extract, called polypodium leucotomos. 
It helps to significantly decrease UV-induced erythema, sunburn cell formation, DNA damage, epidermal hyperproliferation, and dermal mast cell infiltration as it is an effective chemophoto-protective agent.πŸ˜‰

Extensively researched, Polypodium leucotomos is effective in defending skin against damage from the sun and UV radiation when taken orally, which happens to be one of the main ingredients in EstheShield!

This high potency formulation (500 mg) is designed to provide the highest level of protection, ensuring us that our skin will be protected from the sun from deep within! πŸ˜

Do you also know that Polypodium leucotomos has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties??
They not only help to prevent skin inflammation by inhibiting free radicals in skin tissues from causing long-term DNA damage and photo-ageing, it also helps prevent oxidative damage of our skin!❤️️

After giving our skin sufficient protection against the sun, it's now time to talk about skin whitening!😚

If you are skeptical, EstheShield has been researched for over 40 years, with an excellent safety profile!
There are no known contraindications to polypodium leucotomos, although pregnant and breastfeeding patients are advised to consult with their obstetricians prior to starting this supplement.


EstheWhite’s key active ingredient, PhytoflORAL®, is a patented innovative dietary supplement that comes from a source of non-GMO tomato species that are rich in colourless carotenoids, namely phytoene and phytofluene. 

These carotenoids are colourless and do not bleach nor stain the skin.
They are known to lighten and even out skin tone by inhibiting melanin synthesis which helps in reducing pigment production, protect against UVA and UVB rays as well as to significantly increase anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant processes. 

Do you know that colorless Carotenoids are the latest breakthrough in skin whitening technology?😍

Carotenoids are natural sun protectants found in plants which help absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as to supress free radicals that leads to premature ageing and dark, uneven skin tone. 

As the human body is unable to produce carotenoids, it can be obtained through diet which is why taking whitening supplements with carotenoids helps us in achieving a fairer skin tone.

 There is also an additional ingredient in EstheWhite and it is.........


It is known to help prevent the production of darker melanin, stimulate the production of glutathione (often referred to as “the mother of all antioxidants"), promote skin renewal and display anti-oxidant effects that is so good for the skin!

All in all, EstheWhite helps to :

- Protect our skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays
- Gives us an enhanced whitening effect with the presence of L-Cysteine
- Contains anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
- Helps prevent skin collagen degradation
- Helps prevent damage to DNA and premature ageing of skin
- Whitens our skin by reducing the production of melanin 

Clinical/Case Study : 

The effects of colorless carotenoids, got itself a clinical scoring by the dermatologist that 60% to 86% of the subjects’ skin quality was significantly improved after 6 weeks.

The subjects were also given a Minimal Erythemal Dose (MED) test whereby the higher the MED one has, indicates that the person will have lesser tendency to get tan or sunburn when expose to UV rays.
After 12 weeks of colorless carotenoids intake, 65% of the subjects' skin had a significant 20% increase in MED, this showed that these subjects' skin had naturally increased their resistance to sunburn and darkening!! 😱

It is absolutely safe to take EstheWhite as it is a natural food supplement consisting of 100% non-GMO tomato powder and natural amino acids. 

There are no known safety concerns, but for patients who are allergic or possibly allergic to tomatoes should consult their doctor before taking this supplement.

Pregnant and breastfeeding patients are also advised to consult their obstetricians prior to starting this supplement.

Also, these pills are in capsule form and is easy to swallow.
Just one a day each respectively (EstheWhite and EstheShield) is sufficient and you are on your way to having sun care protection AND skin whitening effects from deep within! πŸ˜


Now let me take you guys back to about a month ago to the gorgeous BeauteScience event where I was first exposed to EstheWhite & EstheShield!

Me dressed in white and on the uber to the event venue!πŸ˜‹

Really excited because this event was held at Flutes @ National Museum!😍
Picture from Google
It was a such a well-planned event graced by all the gorgeous influencers & good-looking social media superstars😍

The megastars of this event.....




There was a talk where we learnt a lot about EstheWhite and EstheShield and how we can incorporate these supplements into our daily lives. 
We were also showed videos of case studies of real women who took these supplements and knowing how their lives changed was a huge eye-opener for us all.πŸ˜„

We were also treated to a sumptuous lunch where I got to catch up with my fellow influencer friends and also had a chat with one or two of the staffs working at BeauteScience on more info about these amazing supplements!πŸ˜‰

The best part has yet to come!

What really interest me was that when we got to sit down with the Doctor to have our skin checked by a machine to detect the number of sun spots we have hidden under the surface of our skin!

😱😱😱 How cool is that?!
Thankfully for me, the doctor said that I do not have much sun spots and my skin is quite okay for my age.

So all along, my constant sun care protection DOES HELP!


My thoughts and review on BeauteScience's EstheWhite + EstheShield :

 The best part about natural oral supplements is that all you have to do is just to remember to take them before you step out of the house each day and viola!

I really like how straight-forward the dosage is - just one each per day is sufficient and each box last for about a month!
Psst...I heard that usually results can be seen after finishing one box!πŸ˜‰

Overall, I did notice a more radiant-looking skin and somehow, a more even skintone as compared to when I did not consume the EstheWhite & EstheShield.

Fairness-wise, it is really hard for me to tell as I am very fair to begin.

However, with so much goodness and all the best ingredients to aid in caring for our skin, protection and whitening, I do feel that it is definitely a set that you will want to try if you want to take a step further in achieving brighter, clearer, fairer and luminous skin!

For more info, do head on to :

to find out more about these amazing products!

Also, do not miss the opportunity to win a set of EstheWhite and EstheShield worth SGD199!
A total of 100 sets will be given away to all the lucky winners! 

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Thank you for EstheWhite and EstheShield, BeauteScience!
Having protected and fair skin has really never been easier! πŸ˜

With love,

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