I just want to be happy;

Sometimes I think that it's better, to never ask why;

Made a huge detour in life just to realise what I needed is not what I had.

I know, it's easy to start something, but hard to face the truth when you know you have to let it go, you have to let it end to see something good coming out of it.

I guess it's about time - I'm scared, uncertain, and worried what I might face/have to face in the near future - but I guess I really just wanted to be happy.

I realised in the end I wanted the kind of love - one that will fight for you even when you have no fight left to give.
For it to be shelter, the sun, the essential, the pillar.
The other half.


Sometimes I admit, little things still reminds me of the good times, the little things that makes everything that used to be whole.
It does hurt, but I've learnt that these are the things that I need to forgo in order to move along, to realise one day that it will all be worth it.

Or, might be.

I'm feeling so much uncertainty in life now, I admit.
I'm scared as hell as to what might come, or what might go.

Whether it is worth it or not, and whether I deserve all this or not.


All these while, I found myself trapped - I wanted to do what I love but not feel limited or sniggered at, or even questioned about on what I do or what I want in life.

I guess I finally mustered enough courage to walk away - from a difficult place in life where I'm having doubts, about it all, about myself.

"You’re not obligated to stay committed just because you’ve been with them for a really long time. 
Love isn’t measured by the length of time you’ve spent with a person. 
You can choose to leave when all your relationship does is bring you more pain. 
 You can distance yourself away from the person who is the sole reason for your tears at night. 
You can end your connection with someone that’s clearly on the brink of falling apart. 
You deserve a trustworthy relationship that won’t give you a reason to be guarded. 
You deserve a lifetime of feeling secured and protected. 
You deserve a love story and not deserve to be surrounded by so much negativity."

Sometimes I want to be able to say out aloud my actual feelings and thoughts but maybe I'm too ignorant to how I really feel inside, or maybe I'm too confused or full of doubt as to how I even feel, how I'm supposed to feel.

Sometimes people around me had to point it out to me what my true feelings/thoughts really are, and it's sad, and sometimes embarassing.


It's come to a point whereby I really want something that I can believe in, something that I don't feel I need to be guarded against.
To feel secured, loved, cherished and protected.

I'm not sure what might come my way, I really am not.
I'm petrified at the thought of what might even come in a few months' time but it's time I have to stand strong and fight.
Even if it means I will have to do this alone, even if it means that I have to face all of this by myself.


I hope I deserve a love that’s so big it can’t even fit it in my heart, someday.


Little updates on my life recently : 

Attended a few events recently which includes the launch of INGA cosmetics, Baby Chriselle's birthday (time really flies!!) and also the LANEIGE meets Fashion event with my happy pills :D

Also did my hair and now I'm a blondie... YES FINALLY!
I've been waiting for so so darn long because my stupid hair keeps breaking so I can't dye it like crazy colours #SIANMAX

But yay all thanks to Elyn, I'm now finally a blondie once more πŸ˜œ

And... onto Baby C's birthday! πŸ˜
#GirlSquad goals super strong!

And a selfie with my Winter bae xx
So thankful to have her πŸ˜

#OOTD at the cutest cafe on Rodyk Street - Toby's Estate❤️
Do check out their mouth-watering brunch menu!

At the #LANEIGEMEETSFASHION event at Zouk Singapore last week!

Combining elements of femininity with funk, this #LANEIGExYCH collection is a far cry from @LaneigeSg's past collaborations and even my favourite two-tone lip bars (in matte formula😱) in 4 new shades are darker with a spunky edgeπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Hehe yes even my #OOTD was according to the polka-dotty theme!😝


And recently, most of my days now also consist of being with this little fella....

Cutest fur-cut by @ThePawlourSG  πŸ˜™
Hopefully things will go well for the both of us, and time will indeed solve the problems.

Supper the other day and this little blackie came by and plopped down beside us.πŸ˜…
So cute la.
He didn't want food or water, just wanted to sit down with us πŸ˜™

...and, work has been great as friends have been constantly popping by at my regular gigs to show me love and support πŸ˜

Super love you all la πŸ˜

Feeling pretty blessed πŸ˜


New lashes by LeeKaja Salon at Mandarin Gallery!

Loving the super natural effect and this was done by Michelle, a Korean Eyelash Stylist at LKJ SalonπŸ’‹


Sorry for the summarised updates;
If you are keen to follow more of what is going on in my daily life, do follow me on Instagram - I update my instastories pretty frequently πŸ˜‰

Self reminder : 
To be brave, believe.

 Thank you all for dropping byπŸ’‹

With love,

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